3 Classic Romances to read before you write a love novel


3 Classic Romances to read before you write a love novel

It’s exciting to first start off writing a new book after receiving a great idea. Perhaps you were in the coffee shop, walking down the street, or sitting at your desk when all of a sudden, you had a great idea for a romance novel.

That is the life of a writer after all. We receive inspiration and once we commit to it, we approach the keyboard and empty out our thoughts. If you’re starting off in your writing career and looking to release your mind in the romance genre, I decided to include 3 classic romances that you should read that could give you great inspirations.


1. Pride and Prejudice:

 prideThis is a love story, written by Jane Austen in 1813, that follows the life of Elizabeth Bennet, as she deals with love conflicts of morality, education, manners, and marriage in the early 19th century of England.

This novel is written in a very old-fashioned language compared to the type of love books we have in our current society. It takes a few pages before you get use to the style of writing, and the longer you continue, the more you appreciate it.

It has memorable characters and themes, and Austen, as the omniscient narrator, never judges any of her characters. Instead, she would allow them to unmask themselves by self-exposure. Each character has been written with an eye for details, and they are all believable because they contain different traits and ideals.

Anyone starting out in love stories should at least take a look inside this book because it’s an example on how to write different characters with different opinions. It teaches you how to not write bland young adult characters and the conflicts of love, friendship, and morality.


2. The Portrait of a Lady:

 the portraitThis novel was written by Henry James, first published as a serial in “The Atlantic Monthly” and “Macmillan’s Magazine” in 1880-81, and then as a book in 1881. This is a love story of a spirited young woman named Isabel Archer, who is fighting against her destiny as she deals with personal freedom, responsibility, and betrayal.

When she is brought to Europe by her wealthy Aunt Touchett, it is expected that she will soon marry, but Isabel, resolved to determine her own fate, does not hesitate to turn down two eligible suitors who proposed to her. Shen then finds herself drawn to Gilbert Osmond, who beneath his sweet charms, is cruelty itself. This is a story of intense poignancy as you will see Isabel’s tale of love and betrayal for love.

What I enjoyed about this novel is that it gives you a story about a free-spirited woman losing her freedom because of the great sum of money given to her. She is a strong woman who is very committed to living with the consequences of her choices with integrity and a bit of stubbornness.

But what I enjoyed most about this novel is that she doesn’t lower herself to society’s standards. She sticks to her ideals despite the past decisions she makes. If you’re a writer who plans to write a tale of a strong woman who faces many oppositions, then read this novel to understand the tale of a strong woman in an earlier time period.


3. Master of the Game:

 master of the gameWritten by Sidney Sheldon, this is a book that span over six generations in the lives of the MacGregor/Blackwell family. And Kate Blackwell, ruler of the Blackwell family and head of her father’s multinational business empire, Kruger-Brent Ltd., celebrates her ninetieth birthday.

Despite the presence of her granddaughter’s families, she hallucinates the presence of the ghosts of her pasts, recalling how the company started and the story is told through flashbacks through different members of Kate’s family.

Now unlike other romance novels, this isn’t one that is like others. Rather than a simple romance novel that deals with a woman trying to find love with another human being, this is about a woman who finds love with her own passions.

And with this passion, she takes many routes she is not proud of. Kate is driven and passionate about building her family’s company and as the story continues, eventually grows to become a shrewd business woman who manipulates the lives of her offspring.

It’s because of the passions she held for her company that leads her to manipulate her own son in order for him to take over the family’s company despite what he wanted.

As you continue reading this piece, you will see a woman who is independent and strong, eventually reaching a point she loses control of herself. It’s a good life lesson type of read that will stir your emotions in many ways.


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