3 Reasons it’s Awesome to Date a Nonreader


3 Reasons It’s Awesome To Date A Nonreader

It’s not uncommon to come across someone who doesn’t like reading as much as you. As a reader, you tend to stay updated with your book collection. I, myself, am at a point where I’m running out of room on my bookshelf, preparing to find another place to store them at. (Maybe I can use my guest room.)

A common fear many readers experience is dating someone who doesn’t like to read. And when I say doesn’t like to read, I mean they like books as much as the firefighters did in the novel Fahrenheit 451.

The first thing that comes to mind when an avid reader discover they’re dating a non-reader is that the relationship is bound to fail. After all, they’re dating someone who lacks a complete interest in one of their passions.

The first time I went out with someone who didn’t like reading shook me a bit. For most of my dates, I normally discussed the things I recently read in articles, books, and textbooks.

And during those conversations I have with an avid reader, I enjoy exchanging knowledge and listening to what they had to exchange. I enjoy looking for ways to improve myself and learn from other people based on the conversations we have.

When you date a non-reader, it does create an unbalance in the relationship to some degree. But that’s when you should begin reflecting on the situation. After all, how can you continue dating someone if they considered books to be a disease?

If you’re a writer, that doesn’t help either. It’ll be like a vampire dating someone who owns an Italian restaurant. 

If you find yourself running into a situation like this (not the vampire one just to be clear), don’t run away despite what your emotions are telling you. Dating a non-reader isn’t bad and at times could be really exciting.

It’s an exciting path to follow because not only does it break you out of your comfort zone, but you get to share your world with someone who isn’t familiar with it. To start out, I’ll lay down 3 reasons why dating a nonreader could be fascinating…


1. They admire you

When you date a passionate reader, you both will be on the same level of knowledge. The odds of your partner knowing more than you in the book world will drastically decrease because you both will constantly be reading.

Even though your conversations will be beautiful and giving, it will be hard to impress your spouse based on what you read. But when you date a non-reader, they admire everything you say.

Every piece of knowledge you spill from your mouth is soaked into their brain like a sponge, and they love you even more because of it. It’s always exciting to explain something new I learned in psychology, writing, or any subject I come across with that day. My love one would listen to me for hours and I loved the exciting feelings of sharing my knowledge with them.

Even though it’s fun to have discussions with a reader, it’s even more exciting to discuss what we read about to someone who acts like an excited child. They make you feel smarter and that boosts up your confidence because you don’t feel that sense of competition while you’re with your spouse.

You don’t feel like you have read something in order to be on the same level of knowledge as him or her.

Your opinion about books and facts will always be right too. At least when it’s between the two of you. Sometimes when I speak to a woman who reads constantly, we often get into debates that would eventually lead into arguments to determine who was right.

But when you’re dating a non-reader, they just assume everything you say is correct and that is a feeling worth wild. You will never have to worry about engaging in pretentious literary oneupmanship.


2. They can teach you things you never do

As readers, we know many facts and have a good vocabulary to share, but we’re not geniuses on any levels. We may be able to give our spouse a wide range of knowledge based on what we read, but the longer you date them, the more you’ll notice their insights on things such as music, cooking, photography, painting, mechanics, and so much more. 

Because while we’re sitting in our comfort zone, reading paragraph after paragraph like it’s 1999, they’re outside living through experiences in the world. They’re laying their hands on activities that we’ve only read about.

For example, I once met a woman who was not a fan of reading, but when it came to fixing a car, she was like a genius. You will find out the longer you date a non-reader, the more you learn from them. You will see life in a new way because you won’t spend your Friday nights sitting on the couch reading the next bestseller.

Another thing I noticed about dating a non-reader is that they enjoy spending nights doing other activities such as going out to clubs, bars, and amusement parks.


Be prepared to go out more often than usual, which is GOOD because that’s the time you realize life isn’t about shoving your head in every book. As writers or avid readers, I think we have a weakness for being pushed by our own desires.

We’d rather sit down and write until we faint. Or we have that burning desire to keep reading until we pass out. Non-readers teach you how to get out of the house even if it’s doing something as simple as going out for coffee or walking around the mall.

That’s the thing that makes non-readers so great. They help you share that experience about life in such a passionate way.


3. You learn to adapt

I know when you’re dating a non-reader, things could be strange sometimes.

For example, I know a guy who married a very educated woman who was close to getting her PHD, but she never read for pleasure. She would disembark any books he suggested to read and would hate it whenever he brought a book into the bedroom at night. I understand the difficulties, and I know it could seem hard at first. After all, you’re not use to it and the first major thought is to dump him or her.

But if it’s something we learned in grade school, it’s that everyone isn’t the same. You’re going to have to accept that there are things you like that your spouse isn’t going to enjoy.

I know married couples who live very happily together and one of them is an active video game nerd. He plays every kind of game that comes out and his wife is an avid reader, reading every bestseller that reaches the bookshelf.

Just because your spouse doesn’t share the exact same interest as you doesn’t mean you should run for the hills.

What matters is the chemistry you two share and the way it continues to spark over the years you spend together. If she makes you feel good or if he makes you happy, then what they like on the side shouldn’t matter. 

When you learn to accept your spouse’s interests, you’ll learn to accept many things in the world. It builds you into a better and stronger person. You both learn from each other while spending your lives together, and the longer you learn from each other, the more you’ll share each other interests.

Who knows? Maybe one day as you’re in the house, your spouse is going to pick up that book you have sitting on the coffee table. The day I see my girlfriend pickup Games of Thrones to read rather than toss it aside is the day I’m going to place a giant smile on my face. Never force reading into their lives. That is something they’re going to have to learn to love by themselves.



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