Worst date


Worst date

A few nights ago, there was a woman who I worked with who was stunning. She was the type of woman many guys had their eyes set on. I was one of those guys too, but I’m normally the type who don’t like to chase after someone who is desired by a crowd. I’ve already diagnosed myself with this issue. It could either be a sense of insecurity. But my main answer is because I don’t like to deal with every other man who speaks to my girlfriend. Getting past that, the woman, let’s name her Jessica to hide her identity, had orange/blond hair, the cutest freckles imprinted on her cherry cheeks, fit body, and pleasant voice.

As much as I tried to ignore the impulses, I was tempted to ask her out. But there were always be a raid of men surrounding her as if she was handing out money. So one night as I’m spending my time at a local bar, I noticed Jessica was there with her friend, who looked like Rhianna. So you can imagine the amount of men gazing at them, thinking how they were going to approach her. Perhaps it was the drink I had, the song that was being played, or a warrior spirit entered me, but I gained a strange sense of courage to get up from my table, approached her and started talking. We had a great time but as time pasted, so did the amount of alcohol being consumed.

It didn’t take long before she wanted to wear my jacket because she was chilly. We discussed about going somewhere together to be in private, but her friend whose name I forgot so I’m going to stick with Rhianna, introduced the idea of going downtown. At this point, Jessica is practically my date. We’re having a good time and it would remain that way if neither of us had another drink. But before realizing, Rhianna orders us a taxi to take us downtown. Jessica then sneaks beer with us and starts drinking it, trying to share some with me. I manage to have fun with that as we sat in the back of the taxi. By the time we arrive to a new bar, we lose track as to what’s going on. Time pasts and she somehow buys a giant glass of margarita for us to share. That was when the night went downhill.

Not too long after the drink, she becomes like a zombie, walking among the crowds, wobbling everywhere and I have to sit her down to rest. She’s quiet. And I mean really silent to the point I’m uncomfortable. That’s when all of a sudden she leans towards me getting ready to kiss. I’m thinking,  “cool, we’re back on set.” So as I’m getting ready, she throws up and I’m not sure how, but I dodged it like a bullet. I somehow got out of the way as she threw up and just when I thought it was over, it only began. She continues throwing up and starts crying because the people around us are laughing.

So as she’s crying I have to tell them to silent themselves as I help her, feeling REALLY gross. I mean I was wiping her up with a napkin, thinking how it could get worse. I’m wondering where her friend was at, and when I searched for her, she’s the star of another crowd of men.

I’m pissed because the next minute, I had to approach a six foot man for making fun of my date, hoping he wouldn’t become crazy. As this continues, my date cries and I have to hold her close because she lost the ability to walk. By the time Rhianna is finished with her glory and has a man with her, she notices Jessica and helps us get a taxi back to their place. So I’m stuck in the back of the car with a crying girl who keeps complaining and I thinking, “whhhhyyyyyy??? I was sooooo close. Soooooo dang close.”

When we return to their place, everyone get out but me because I’m not even interested at this point. So after getting my jacket back, which had stains on it, I went back home. After that night, things were sort of weird between me and Jessica and let’s say we haven’t really been out together since.


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