3 Habits that Steal Your Happiness


3 Habits that Steal Your Happiness

You ever had a business but gave up on it because it wasn’t receiving the revenue you expected? You ever started writing a book, but gave up because you assumed no one would read it?

Situations like these happen to us every day because we start activities never enjoyed initially. It’s a charming idea to start a hair business because of the possible high income you can earn from it. But unless you don’t mind constantly researching and looking up the latest hair designs, you’ll find yourself burning out and losing interest.

People assume that the pursuit of happiness is landing the ultimate career that will earn them a mountain of cash and fame. They want to be the person who can buy whatever they want and have life go the way they wanted. 

But after starting their business or goal to become a Doctor, their interest for it dies daily. Like an apple left out to rot in the sun. The first day the apple isn’t going to be affected. The next day it’ll be a little bitter but still be tasty. But continue keeping that apple out there and it’s going to eventually rot from the inside out.

People who chase after dreams because of the ending results suffer hideous outcomes. Since they’re not living the lifestyle they want that moment, they only live the fantasy in their head.

They become more obsessed with their imaginations than with reality. Their patience dwindles day after day, eventually viewing their ultimate destination as an impossible reach. 

As a result, that person gives up on their “dreams” to become a Doctor, an Actor, or any other career they assumed would give them the beautiful lifestyle. So let’s go over the 3 big habits that steal your happiness.


1. Waiting for the perfect moment

It doesn’t exist. You have to take the moment and make it perfect yourself. Everything you want in life is already waiting for you. All you have to do is summon up the motivation to go out there and find it. If you know what you want, go after it.

Read as much as you can while researching the best ways to turn your dreams into a reality. You won’t have all answers you want in one day, week, or month, but you will eventually so long as you produce decisions and actions.

Success is a staircase you build one step at a time. You can’t think of the last step when you’re only on the third. Just continue moving and observe where your actions take you.

Most people have a passion for something, but they give themselves multiple excuses to keep themselves from doing it. Why start a business when there’s probably someone else doing it? Why write a book that someone might not read? What’s the point of starting a website that no one will visit?

Excuses like these will always pop up in your head whether you’re famous or a nobody. What matters most is how you react to those thoughts.

If you enjoy painting, do it. The biggest obstacle you’ll face is finding the energy and motivation to get off the couch and start. Once you do, your energy will continuously increase.


2. Working only for money 

There’s nothing wrong with earning your money, but if it’s your only source of motivation, you’ll find yourself on the bad end of the stick.

For example, my family wanted me to work in medical as an anesthesiologist, which pays quite well and at the time, did sound interesting. But the more I looked into that career and how my life would be, the more I started backing away from it. That was when I realized the only reason I was interested in that career was because of the money.

Don’t chase after a career because of the money it offers. I know it might conflict with what your family or friends might have told you because they laughed at the idea of you becoming an artist. But working in a career because of the money it promises will haunt you.

This type of decision happens everyday because someone in their family encouraged them to walk the wrong path. But money is like a band-aid that only solves temporarily problems such as finance and security. Money doesn’t help you find your passion or what you want to do.

That’s why I write. That’s why I read. That’s why I enjoy helping people. Life isn’t about becoming rich or famous because that isn’t what’s going to be on your mind as you’re dying. It’s going to be about the people you helped, the people who loved you, the lives you changed, and the happy feelings you experienced.

Don’t live a career that you’ll despise later in your future. Find something meaningful that fills you with excitement every time you wake up every morning. Pick a career that doesn’t bother you to work from morning to nightfall. Choose a lifestyle where you don’t have to take a vacation to escape from.

You won’t find yourself continuously motivated about life if all you do is work for money or material possessions. Happiness is about doing what you enjoy, and what sets your mind at ease.


3. Keeping resentment in your heart 

Hate is an emotion you never want to embody. Hate makes you toxic and push others away from you. The longer you hold onto hate, the more you find yourself being alone. We’re all humans and it’s easy to hate someone because of what they did to us. But it takes a strong person to love and forgive others.

Holding resentment only poisons your personality, and until you get rid of it, it’ll consume you. Don’t hurt yourself by hating someone.

Forgive and forget because once you do, you’ll feel a heavy burden releasing from your heart. From there, your energy will be directed towards other passions rather than on the people who did you wrong.

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