The 3 Piece Success Formula


The 3 Piece Success Formula

There’s a 3 piece success formula that every successful person adopted to help them reach their goals. In society, when we hear success, we immediately assume it’s having a house, becoming wealthy and living the American Dream.

But success isn’t about that.

Those items are good to have, but they aren’t the source that fulfills people hearts. Instead, it only brings them a temporarily happiness. To obtain the type of happiness that lasts a lifetime, a person has to find success within themselves. Success is what makes everyone happy because it gives them a greater sense to who they are.

If you use the 3 piece success formula in the hopes of only making money, it’ll never fulfill your inner desires. You’ll only end up wanting more and more money. When the average person reaches the source of income they aimed for, there’s a good chance they won’t find the satisfaction they expected.

Some people think success is having a spouse, but that route sometimes doesn’t go the way they planned because they rushed into a relationship rather than being wise with their decision, and finding someone who matched their chemistry.

1. Know what you want

To succeed, define your target. Know what sort of outcome you want to achieve. It’s easy to come up with a long list of goals you want to to do. But it’s the goals you want to make into a reality that you should hold onto.

People immediately assume what they want is money, fame, or power. But until they sit down and ask themselves why they want it, they’ll never know. They’ll only chase after a dream they assume they want blindly.

I used to think I wanted to be an anesthesiologist because they made good money and the job seemed soothing. It was a career in medical and my family encouraged me to be in it. And for some time, I actually believed it was a good choice to major in that career. I thought that was what I wanted in life.

But as I reflected on that decision, I noticed the path I would take and how it would depress me ten years later. I didn’t want to be in medical. I wanted to travel the world, meet different types of people and gain a new understanding of the world.

I grew up in a small city where I knew almost everyone around me. So I wanted to expand my knowledge about other kind of people in the world and the kind of problems they faced.

I didn’t want my only source of knowledge to come from television or books. I wanted to see them up close to gain a vibe and connection. And I did. As I traveled to a variety of countries in Africa, I met a variety of different people, and noticed how intelligent they were. They were friendly and opened to speak to strangers without expecting anything in return.

In Europe, I encountered people who taught me not to take life so seriously and I learned so much about myself. In Central America, the people taught me how to love and be gentle about life.

So instead of taking a path that your family or social environment wants you to join, asked yourself what really makes you happy. That’s the keyword. YOU.

I couldn’t be any happier about my decision. It was difficult at first and I thought I would break because after I moved out of the house and traveled across the world. I visited nearly half the countries in Africa. I traveled across Europe and I explored Central America.

Each place taught me something I would have never learned if I continued living in my hometown. I became stronger and gained a true understanding of the type of person I wanted to be. The only reason I thought I wanted to be in medical or business was because that was what my family wanted.

This is your life and you’re the one in charge of making the decisions.  When your brain knows what it wants, it narrowed your road.

2. Know why you want it

The second part of the success formula is locking down your goals. Not only do you have to know what you want out of life, but why you want it too. You have to build a value out of it in order for the success formula to work. While you’re fighting to reach your dreams, you must keep in mind the reasons you want it.

Be honest with yourself when you question why you want to be where you desire, and you’ll find the strength you never knew existed.

Before I summoned up the courage to tell my family I didn’t want to major in medical, I had to ask myself why I wanted to travel across the world. I had to be firm with my decision because I didn’t want to make a sudden rash choice.

I knew if I majored in Medical, or even in Business as some of my other relatives had suggested, I would have a secured financial future. It was tempting to follow their decision because I grew up believing that you work for money and even if you didn’t like your career, you should suck it up.

So repeatedly, I reflected my decisions and realized what I wanted was to expand my horizon. I knew if I stayed at my hometown, I would never grow. I would always be the type of person who stayed to himself and wouldn’t grow as an individual.

By keeping those thoughts in mind, although it was difficult to travel away from my family and friends, I kept the importance of my journey.

Whenever someone develops a fear of not succeeding, they have to remind themselves why they’re working extra hard. This is what drives successful people towards their goal and passion.

It’s like wanting to go to the ice cream shop, but not knowing what to do once you get there. If you question yourself during the ride to the ice cream shop, you’ll eventually start wandering off to other stores because you lose interest. But if you already have a state of mind that you want a Rocky Roll when you arrive, nothing will stop you until you walk through those doors and take what’s yours.

3. Know what you’re doing

Once you know what you want and why you want it, the last piece of the success formula is knowing how to get there. As a reminder, the first two pieces are holding an outcome mindset, and sticking to your motivation.

However, if you do the same thing repeatedly without any progress, try a different approach and keep moving. Keep a smart mindset and determine ways to reach your dream. If you want to be a great basketball player, don’t expect to be a master at dribbling if you’re just starting.

If you have questions such as how other people succeeded at what you’re trying to do, look into their lives and study them. Sometimes, the best way to learn anything is to observe how others achieved it.

Children watch athletes and develop dreams of becoming just like them one day. Teens watch celebrities and grow a passion to be on the big screens.

We’re not expected to know everything when we start our journey to achieve greatness. Research other people methods and apply them to your life. Know what they did wrong and avoid those steps.

A wonderful gift that most successful people share with the world are the mistakes they made while rising to the top so others could avoid them. So if you ever find yourself on a lost path, questioning the best route to get to your designation, follow someone else’s steps.

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