3 ways to conjure good emotions


3 ways to conjure good emotions

A crazy concept that’s hard for people to believe is that one of the easiest things to do in the world is to conjure good emotions. We live in a society where people have to take drugs, drink excessively or overeat in order to trigger any sort of good emotions.

It’s the reason why people entrap themselves in bad relationships or addicted  to anything whether it be gambling, food, or drugs. When people think of happiness, it seems foreign to them.

A core reason to why people find it difficult to obtain good emotions is because of the standards they place on themselves in. But there’s a simple way to make yourself feel happy.

We think in order to be happy, we have to be at a certain position, make a certain amount of money, or find someone who loves us.We develop an image in our mind of what true happiness is and we thrive to reach it.

If a person believe happiness is having a girlfriend or boyfriend, they develop an unhealthy habit of getting into bad or abusive relationships so they don’t lose that person. They end up bitter because they’re doing everything in their power to keep their relationship alive even if that’s what’s tearing them apart.

Some people think money brings them happiness, and they thrive for it and when they do reach it, they wonder why it doesn’t fire up their happiness the way they expected. We think happiness is supposed to happen all of a sudden and when it doesn’t, we wonder why.

We become depressed, bitter, and question our life decisions. We then search through other alternatives on what could make us happy. And by working through a pattern like this for so long, it makes the concept of conjuring up good emotions very foreign.

There are 3 ways to conjure good emotions, but not in the form most people think. True happiness doesn’t revolve around money because there are rich people who are depressed and poor people who couldn’t be any happier.

True happiness isn’t the amount of things a person has because I know people who have every type of technology in their house, but have a sense of emptiness in their life.  To start the list off, conjuring up good emotions depends on:

1. The Pattern of your Standards

The way we look at a situation could range from good to bad. Whenever a person sees only the bad views in life, they become energy vampires. They suck the positive energy out of others due to their own depression. These are the type of people you want to avoid becoming.

The way you think reflects every decision you make in life. The power of conscious behavior is so powerful that it could determine your destiny.

To better explain what I mean, a person has to look at life with a positive aspect. I understand life isn’t perfect, but a skill we must learn is not complaining so much. You’ll discover by not complaining, you’ll naturally see the good in things.

You have to look at people and situations from another point of view. You’re not the only person who deals with life problems. There are people suffering much more than you and people who don’t know how to handle stress. It’s easy to get angry and at times, feel really good doing so, but it doesn’t make it right.

By learning to think with a positive mindset about life, you’ll see major changes. A way you could condition your mind to think more positively is changing the way you think. Rather than complaining about a situation, ask yourself why you’re angry, are other people just as angry as me, why is the situation the way it is, and what will anger do for me?

This type of thinking is like a muscle, where you have to strengthen it daily. If you see a person acting negatively towards you, rather than acting out on them, show them kindness and think why they would be acting that way.

When you’re standing in a long line at a store, annoyed that it’s going slow, don’t push your rage towards others. Know that you’re not the only one dealing with problems and stress.

Learn to give a helping hand to someone in need. We sometimes gain an assumption that everyone besides us is having a great time at life. We think no one understands us and this type of thinking makes us angry and bitter. By acting kind to those who show hatred, you’ll set yourself as the example society needs to see.


2. The Pattern of your Movements

Based on the way you move your body will determine how you feel about a situation. You could either go about a situation by being excited, sad, or angry about it. You don’t only feel your emotions, but you react on them too.

That’s why whenever you see someone who’s furious, you tend to stay away from them because you know their negative emotions are going to harm you. But when you spot someone who shows kindness and have a lighten tone in their voice, it’s easier to approach them and be friendly.

The pattern of our movements are important because by forcing ourselves to behave in a positive manner, our emotion will automatically change with it. These habits could be working out, eating healthier, doing something to improve yourself.

Other methods to try is speaking aloud to yourself with positive words. Associate yourself with positive outlets and treat your body like a temple. The goal is to shift your attitude into a cleaner stage. And it’s true that people will become upset, angry, and depressed occasionally. These emotions are only natural.

But the major difference between those who remain depressed and those who temporarily set themselves up in that bubble is how they make of it. It’s not bad to feel those emotions because it makes us stronger, but don’t continue wrapping yourself in them because it consumes you.

Those type of emotions causes someone to chase after happiness through false forms they think might be it. You may encounter people who will encourage you to abandon your dreams, but overall, it’s up to you to set your movements.

You may encounter people who will be cruel and want to see you fail. That’s why it’s up to you to fight those odds, get up, and move on.

Your pattern of movement is not controlled by anyone else. People may be able to temporarily influence your emotions so they could pull you down, but you have to take control of your thoughts.

If you’re sitting on the couch, too lazy to get up to start your passion, reflect on the emotions you’re feeling. It won’t be the same happiness you had when you improved yourself. It’ll be a bitter one and to get rid of it, get up and act.

The key is action. If you start doing something productive, you’ll find yourself with a stronger mental state, and therefore, achieve a strange sense of happiness that starts to bubble up inside you.

If you gain a sense of understanding that everyone is suffering the same way you are, it lowers your stress because you won’t feel that sense of loneliness. You learn that if you think more positive about a situation, your beliefs start to change as well.

You learn to not take life so seriously because it isn’t meant to be stressed about. The only reason we develop that sort of stress is because of other people around us who share their hatred and bitterness. Life is meant to be enjoyed and loved, and by changing your mindset, you’ll find yourself in a better place.


3. A standard of expectations and beliefs

When someone imagine where their life should be, and they’re not where they want, it  makes them depressed. They feel a sense of failure and look back at their life to see where they went wrong. When we’re children, we’re told to think big and that we could become anything we want.

Most kids wanted to have careers that didn’t seem out of reach to them, but as they grew up, gained experiences, and faced life, their sense of belief changed.

They either change because they wanted money, wanted to help others, or any little reason that came to their mind. But when they don’t reach those dreams, it causes them to think they’re failures.

The worst part about this is that their failures isn’t going to be because they’re too old or not in the right position. Their failure is going to be because they see an end to their journey. They lose faith and once that happens, a person is already set on the wrong path.

A person shouldn’t define happiness to where they want to be in life, but how to become the type of person they want to be. If you work as a mailman but wanted to be an astronaut when you were a child, look into other careers that deal with astronomy.

Learn about space and take classes based on it. You might not reach the moon, but you could study about it and build your mind around it. We sometimes think we want to do something because that was what we set our minds to when we were young; but human choices of careers always go deeper than they think.

If someone wants to be a police officer, what they want to do is help and protect others. They want to protect their love ones and local residents. If someone wanted to be a writer, they have a great passion of releasing their thoughts and ideas to the world.

I know someone who wanted to be a music artist, but in time when it didn’t work out the way he wanted, he became a great motivational speaker. It may have not been the same career, but what he’s doing now is expressing his thoughts and beliefs when it comes to building people up and he’s happier than ever.

We think happiness lies in what we originally set our minds on, but by practicing other interests that lies in the same field, you discover there are many paths to take. So don’t give up.

Thrive and build yourself for a different path because it’s the adventure to get there that will excite you. It’s the adventure of finding yourself getting better everyday and this is what helps you have good emotions. So never be depressed that you didn’t reach your dreams.

Work towards something around it and if the time arrives where you see a path open up for your previous choice, you could decide if you want to return to it.


In final thoughts…

These 3 rules to conjure up good emotions are not meant to be used individually. They’re connected so that when you apply one method, you’ll eventually connect to another without much effort. These rules form a triad that activates when you apply one of these methods of conjuring up happiness.

If you choose to go by the ‘pattern of standards’,  it’ll trigger your ‘pattern of movements’ because a positive mind eventually gives you positive emotions, which gives you positive movements.

By adopting a ‘pattern of movements’, it makes your journey of walking on a new path much easier. You’ll be able to take action and reach the expectations you wanted to achieve years ago.


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