5 Simple Habits to Help You Love Yourself


5 Simple Habits to Help You Love Yourself

“In order for others to love you, you must love yourself.”

Life could be a complicated game to play and if you spend every minute of it worrying, you get crazy or depressed. It’s necessary to worry about important things to give you motivation, but you shouldn’t embrace it to a point you start hating yourself.

An issue that a few readers been discussing is how difficult it is to love themselves despite the things they’ve been blessed with. They have a ton of insecurities and isolate themselves from society. They find it difficult, if not nearly impossible, to willingly engage with strangers in hope of finding a new friend.

I’ll start off by saying nobody’s perfect and we all have our flaws, but that’s what makes life so perfect. Can you imagine how irritating it’ll be if you knew there was a perfect person walking around your neighborhood?

The fact that humans aren’t perfect is what allows them to push themselves at being better at anything they set their minds to. Life is about making small self-improvement steps that mold us into the people we want to become. It takes a series of small steps before we get to the designation we aim for.

The people I engaged with said they didn’t have any friends to spend time with and they usually completed a series of activities by themselves. Though most of them were introverts, a key characteristic they all shared was that they dealt with a common condition known as:

“Exceeded Loneliness Syndrome: The act of spending too much time with yourself and you begin questioning life existence at that point.” 

It’s a dangerous road when you choose to walk it alone. Back in the Greek era, they didn’t exile people simply because the executioner wanted to take a day off. The act of isolating yourself from others psychologically messes up your head the longer you stick to such a lifestyle.

You begin developing this strange sense of self-inflicting hate that eventually brings you several stage of depression. That’s why I’m going to help you find a few useful tricks that can prevent you from pulling your own hair out.

Sure, they won’t be as powerful as let’s say, talking to real people, but they’re great substitutes when you’re about to hate your existence. Each method below can be done alone and will naturally bring you a more positive lifestyle.

1. Find the Humor to most things

Don’t take yourself or life so seriously and laugh at your flaws. If you hold a high sense of pride, it makes it difficult accepting your errors and you blindly move forward, ignoring ways to improve yourself. Researchers don’t say laughter is the best medicine because it’s free.

There’s been a variety of studies that prove laughter increases your relaxation, blood flow, immune system, and blood sugar levels. In Norman Cousins’s memoir,Anatomy of an Illness“, Cousins discovered the usefulness of laughter while suffering from a painful spine condition. In his book, he mentions how 10 minutes of laughter reduced his pain as he slept.

2. Accept your emotions for what they are

A problem people have, especially males, is the difficulty of immediately accepting what they’re feeling. When you feel an ounce of depression, anger, or sorrow, you quickly label it as something irreverent. But overtime, it begins reflecting your behavior, how you perceive reality, and how you see yourself.

Accept your emotions for what they are and learn to manipulate them. If you’re angry, ask yourself why you’re angry and how you could fix it. If you’re sad, think what part of your life is causing you to turn bitter and tackle it.

3. Take control of your mental thoughts

Spend as much time possible learning something new. If you’re at work, learn something new about your job or a way to make it easier. Learn to organize efficiently and cut your work time in half. If you’re at school, try to make the learning process fun. Imagine you’re on a game show and have to remember what your teacher is teaching.

Sometimes, by simply changing the way you look at a subject, it makes it easier to grasp and understand. Force yourself to think positively until it becomes natural. A personal preference to help you is to go on a 7 day challenge where you think nothing but positive thoughts.

If you find yourself thinking negatively, simply ignore it and understand why you’re feeling that way. And if you’re still struggling to find a way to dig up those happy thoughts, look up the 18 codes that Happy People follow for some deeper tips.

4. Engage in Physical Activities

If you’re fairly new to exercising, don’t overburden yourself by exercising intensely. But do it enough times so you gain the habit of doing so. This brings more oxygen into your body, raise your immune system, and narrow your focus.

Overtime, you will naturally begin eating healthier, and be sure to eat fruits and vegetables. Try restraining yourself from consuming beverages other than water, milk, tea, and coffee. Avoid most sugar drinks and drink alcoholic beverages responsibly.

An effective exercise that can bring you into a mindfulness state while exerting the proper energy is running. Here’s a manual on How to start running if you need any beginner’s tips to start the trend. And don’t make the assumption that you’re too old or overweight to now start. It’s never too late to establish and master a healthy lifestyle.

5. Keep yourself in maintenance

Not only is it crucial to maintain your body and mind, but the rituals you apply as well. Take care of yourself like you would a prized possession.

Brush your teeth, floss, take showers, wear clean clothes, maintain your hair, and keep yourself clean. It requires effort to keep these rituals going, but it’ll boost your self-esteem the longer you continue. After 66 days of practicing a ritual, it automatically becomes a natural part of your life.


In final thoughts…

A key thought to apply is to practice consistently. Don’t allow negative thoughts to take over your head and persuade yourself to disengage from them. These methods are not only meant to help you love yourself again, but to self-improve your lifestyle as well. Many people who are egotistical could be quite happy with themselves as successful people hate their lives.

The main difference that sets the two apart is how they think of themselves. Apply these methods and once you become secure, it’ll be easier to conjure the happiness you want. Your radiation will be the light others need to lift their spirit and start their productivity.


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