7 life changing habits you could do in about 15 minutes


7 life changing habits you could do in about 15 minutes

Life changing habits are a necessity adaption that could forever change your destiny within minutes. We usually receive life changing experiences from the spare time we spend to ourselves. On a daily occasion, we’re distracted by so many tasks and responsibilities that we fail to reflect on ourselves.

We have a tendency to set our minds to autopilot, forgetting our life plans. It gets even worse for those who become too comfortable in their life, but have greater desires in the back of their minds. So below are 7 life changing habits to change your way of thinking and set you on a better path.

1. Spend time to yourself

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We need time to think to ourselves because after spending most of our day with other people such as friends or family, we normally forget our goals. We settle for living in the moment and neglect our own thoughts and desires.

So spend 15 minutes to yourself whether it be sitting in your room, outside watching the sunset, or taking a walk around the neighborhood. Allow your thoughts to mingle around your head and ask yourself what you want out of life and where you want to be. If you repeatedly ask yourself these questions, it ignites a new thought process to make you want to answer those questions, and set you onto bigger questions afterwards.

2. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier:

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Even an extra 15 minutes of sleep could make a major difference in our day and benefit our health. You don’t have to go to bed earlier every night of the week, but set days for when you can fit this into your schedule. You’ll be set for a better mood the next day and your mind will be much clearer.

Rather than dealing with a fuzzy mind, it’ll be more attentive to dealing with decisions that could affect your life. If you would like information on how to get our of bed, a recommended post would be 17 methods on becoming an early riser.

3. Exercise your body:

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You’ve heard throughout your life that exercising regularly is healthy, and it goes further than just trying to maintain a good body. Exercising affects your body and brain because you get more oxygen flowing throughout your vitals.

That extra intake of oxygen then gives your mind a time to expand itself and make it easier for you to focus on daily activities. Another benefactor is that most people who embrace the lifestyle of exercising are more confident in their body and self-image.

What had surprised me when I decided to adopt this lifestyle was that I developed a habit to want to eat healthier. I felt disgusted with myself every time I had junk food after running a few miles or pushing my body to the next limit.

For most people, exercising also lowers their stress level because our given endorphin sets our mind straight. You don’t have to exercise for 1 hour or even 30 minutes. 15 minutes should be enough to make a difference.

4. Read a book:

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Reading has the ability to shape our mind into many shapes and forms. It’s been the cause as to how millions of people opinions changed overtime. Some people can’t stand the thought of not reading a book, as others seem to cringe whenever they hold a book of any sorts.

Books, and reading in general, have the ability to broaden our understanding of the world and open our thoughts to new ideas and truths. We could be such closed minded creatures and the thought of changing our beliefs or opinions could seem very scary indeed. But find a book. Any will do so long as it could offer you new insights about the world.

People minds improve psychologically and cognitively after practicing regular reading sessions. So if you can, spend 15 minutes reading something whether it’s an article on the internet, a book, or whatever you find interesting.

5. Talk to someone:

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If you’re an introvert, you might find it easier to avoid people rather than approaching them. It’s because introverts are comfortable within their own bubble. But socializing is a basic need that is often overlooked. When we speak to other people, they ignite our feelings such as laughing, crying, and anger.

Speaking to others influence us more than we even realize. People give us dire life skills that could help us in the future. Socializing opens up opportunities for us to vent to someone besides ourselves or share a loving experience with.

Communication is an important habit to continue doing if you want a healthy lifestyle. It may be easier to stick to ourselves because we fear other judgments, but learn to get past it. Speak to one person a day and gradually build the courage to speak to someone for 15 minutes.

6. Draw:

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Not everyone will have the ability to draw a masterpiece. Drawing goes deeper than just trying to impress the world. It allows a person to explore their artistic abilities. Some people find the habit to be very relaxing, but keep in mind that you’re not drawing to impress the crowds.

Draw for yourself and finish when you’re satisfied. Drawing allows your mind to focus while you’re curving those lines onto a sheet of paper. It gives a person a higher sense of accomplishment after witnessing what they completed. So grab a paintbrush, a pen, or markers and start drawing anything that comes to mind.

7. Try something new: 

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A person can’t have too many skills to show off to the world. At least once every week, try to broaden your skill set by learning something new. A way to do this naturally is to slowly improve yourself on a daily basis with one new interest. You don’t have to master it or even be that good at doing it.

Just practice it enough times before making a final decision you’re no longer interested in it. A saying that’s often recommended is trying something out for 30 days before stopping. If you want to learn the piano, spend 15 minutes everyday for 30 days before you decide to drop it.

That way, you will know if you want to continue performing that activity or not.


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