8 free websites that will gives you skills to make money


8 free websites that will gives you skills to make money

Many people who hate their job wish one day they could tell their boss off before stomping away for freedom, prepared to face the world. And if you’re searching for a way to quit your job but not sure what road to take, take a few points from How to hate your job less before you make any major decisions.

A crucial problem people face whenever they want to quit their job is the fact they don’t have a talent that will support them on their own. They have no backbone to jump on that will to allow them to quit their job, and until they discover it, will remain ‘trapped’ there.

To be in a position where you could quit your job, you will need a particular skill set to offer someone. So below are 8 free websites that will give you vital skills to make the money you desire.

These will be skills that people will pay good income for if you prove to be a master of that craft.

1. Learn how to Improve your public speaking


This skill isn’t easy to master and is the main cause as to why many people are afraid to be in the center of a crowd. It’s because people are afraid to express their personal opinions in front of others without being judged. It’s very well known in our society that public speaking is one of the scariest things to do.

Even Jerry Seinfeld noted,

“This means to the average person, if you have to be at a funeral, you’d rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

Public speaking gives people sweaty palms and they question what to say. It’s not a skill that could be adopted easily and if you master it, you’d be surprised how much public speakers get paid. It could range from $1000 per speaking session up to $200,000.

It depends on how well you speak and who’s willing to listen to what you got to say. There’s public speaking competitions for those who wish to test their skills and see how far they got. So if you want to improve your public speaking skills, there’s a free way to learn it by following the link below:


2. Learn a language


Would you like to learn another language?

If so, this website is perfect for you if you’re looking to go about it in a free way. Most people only know just one language, and by learning to speak multiple languages, not only does it gives you a better spot in your career, it opens up doorways.

Speak well enough in several languages and you could become a translator throughout the world. Depending on what city you live in, you could gain more than $80 per hour working for courtrooms and other legal and medical options.

People chase after others with those skills, willing to pay well to lesson the communication gap between two people. In the website below, you could learn Spanish, french, Portuguese, Italian, and much more. There’s even a mobile app that could help you take the courses for free.


3. Learn how to read faster


To some people, the only reason they don’t read books is because they don’t want to invest too much time into them. Rather than watching a movie or TV show, reading a book require days if not weeks to complete. People often don’t have time to read through books and turn away from them.

However, to fix this barrier, visit this website that’ll provide you with ways to triple your reading speed. That way, once you start your reading journey, you’ll be able to read through your entire bookshelf in no time. You’ll not only save time, but you’ll retain the knowledge much easier.


4. Learn how to make the next hot mobile game


You have a hot idea of the next best selling game on mobile? You ever wanted to be the person to make the next angry bird or candy crush game?

If so, come to this website, where you learn the skills of making mobile games. By the time you finish, you could produce your next idea, and get the world ready for the next hot mobile game.

5. Learn how to code:



Coding is a difficult skill to learn and should be applied only if you enjoy computers, working with programs, and staring at a bunch of numbers most people wouldn’t understand. It’s an important skill to know and if mastered, could receive quite a bit of income for those who desire to create a program or looked one over. So due to how much knowledge there is in the subject, here are 2 links to learn this skill.


6. Make your own music


In the link above, learn how to play a guitar, This is where you learn chords and the basic skills to play guitars.


A great free voice lesson from Berklee College Of Music.


If you think you could make the next viral song that will be played on the radio, Berkeley College of Music offers an Introduction to Songwriting course completely for free online. The course is six weeks long, and by the end of the lesson you’ll have at least one completed song.

Lifehacker Course

If you master the 3 links above, this website helps you understand how to apply them all together. By the time you finish, you’ll be ready to start your music path.

We all listen to music and like to sing when we’re alone, but if you ever considered setting a career in it, these websites are just for you. And you don’t just have to become a great singer either.

There’s careers where you could write songs for famous singers. In fact, most famous artists you see today only sing songs that are given to them by song writers. Due to the variety of skills where you could learn this genre, the list was broken into four segments you can work with.


7. Learn to negotiate


This is skill is often underrated or ignored. People don’t understand that the ability to conduct negotiations is perhaps one of the most important skills to have when running a business. This skill takes more than just knowing how to communicate with others.

You have to manage relationships, read people and how they react, know how the serve people best interests while achieving what you want. So if you want to be someone who could talk their way through anything, this site is for you.


8. Learn how to invest stocks


Investopedia Stocks

Stocks could be a very confusing money game, and there’s a reason why only 1% of the population have mastered it. There’s a lot of rules to go by, a lot of people to follow, and a whole new world to embrace.

Some people prefer going to stock advisers, but oftentimes there shouldn’t be a reason to seek for their help based on which decision to make. Otherwise, they would be in the top 1% of the population. It will take time before you completely understand the money game, but these websites will help you start the process.


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