How to discover your hidden talents in under 30 minutes


How to discover your hidden talents in under 30 minutes

When someone thinks of talent, the first thought that comes to mind is having physical skills, public speaking skills, technical wits, talented singer, or an artistic gift. We think of famous people such as Michael Jordan or Steve Jobs when it comes to talented people. These types of thoughts then cause us to reflect on ourselves, questioning what our hidden talents are.

Some people don’t believe they have any talent and if they do, it’s either weird or not valuable. Some are still trying to discover their talent, but not sure what it is yet. This question is what cause people to fall into depressions because they believe they have no value in the world. But there is a way to discover your hidden talents, and it could happen in the next 30 minutes if you follow these guidelines:


1. Reflect Yourself: 

Spend 5-7 minutes doing this. Think of your childhood and the days you weren’t easily influenced by others. What activities did you enjoy and why? Remember the memories that gaves you a good feeling and brainstorm why it did that. The goal will be to locate a source of feeling that helps you understand your hidden talent.

To give an example, when I looked at my childhood, one of the things I often did was write. I wrote while being driven to school, during class breaks, and when I was at home. My stories would be about my favorite super heroes teaming up together to save the world.

That gave me an idea I enjoy the craft of writing as well as having a sense of helping others. Since I already enjoyed reading, I read psychology books quite often. By combining these skills together, I discovered my talents is writing. It’s a hobby I enjoy doing. Before we proceed to the next step, find a place of solitude and reflect on your childhood and which memories stick to you most.


2. Take out a piece of paper to write on: 

If you’re comfortable with typing, go to your computer. The goal will be to narrow your thought process to find your hidden talents. Unleash what’s in your mind by writing down everything you enjoy doing. Don’t place any thought into it or question yourself. Spend 10-15 minutes conducting this exercise.

You could write down things such as; you enjoy playing video games, cleaning the house, eating, or even walking outside. It could be anything you enjoy doing and brings you a satisfying feeling afterwards. Don’t think how the world judge that talent.

Only think what your emotions feel about it and how it relate to you. As you write these thoughts, don’t pause and question yourself. You don’t want to have any second thoughts on your intuition. It might be difficult to start at first, but when you list the first couple of ideas, a whole chain of ideas will come flooding out in no time. But remember, don’t think. ACT.


3. Once finished, reflect on what you wrote: 

Spend the rest of your time conducting this exercise because you have to perform an analysis on what you wrote. You might find a few entries you wrote to be silly, but look for specific interests that you enjoy, and build yourself up from there. Examples of interests would be: reading, dancing, doodling, drawing, writing, dancing, exercising, or sports.

These are all interests you could become masters of once you practice your craft daily. If you enjoy reading, learn to combine it with other skills you enjoy such as eating, playing video games, and so much more.

That way, when you have a particular interest, you could spread that talent to other fields such as starting a blog or being a video game reviewer. It’s hard and uncommon to only have just one talent without  connecting it to another.

So focus on which interests sparks your emotions the most, and it could be more than one. In fact, it’s recommended to have more than one so you could combine them together. If you enjoy listening to music, playing sports, and exercising, learn to combine those skills to either become a coach or personal trainer. There are so many alternatives to choose from if you combine your interests of skills together.


In final thoughts….

The final course is following your obsession. A common mistake people make is that true talent is given to people at birth automatically. But as much as we’d to automatically sing like Beyoncé or play the piano like Beethoven, it’s going to take hard work and dedication to master that craft.

A common phrase that’s said is, “to become a master at something; you have to spend 10,000 hours working on it.” Don’t mistake talent as something people are given at birth because it’s the people who practice their craft daily who become the best at it.

Examples such as Michael Jordan or Tony Robbins exist, who started from the bottom but learned how to become masters at what they do. So don’t discredit yourself because you’re not good at something.

Embrace it, and accept your failures as victories. It could be difficult at times because we won’t see immediate improvements. And it won’t help if we compare ourselves to others. That’s why it’s important to remember your values and why these interests spark your emotions.

If you did conduct those 3 exercises, but still question what your unique talents are, feel free to ask someone close to you so they could clear your fog of thoughts. Create space in your life and perform activities that are new so you could discover your talents.

Some people find it helpful to use a journal to write down their thoughts, feelings and shifts in perspective. But once you discover that talent or interest you like, commit to it as a bodybuilder does to their weights. Find other people who work in that talent field and learn from them. Most importantly, practice that skill once a day until you become a master at it.


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