4 Effortless Ways we’re Bound to Find Love Naturally


4 Effortless Ways We’re Bound to Find Love Naturally

To find love naturally can sometimes seem harder than winning the lottery. To want a partner who loves us is a desire we all have. Humans naturally thrive to “belong” to someone or something because we’re social creatures. To find that sense of belonging, we seek after relationships with the hopes of finding love.

The search for love is what sets people self-esteem to either be low or high. If someone receives an abundance of love and connection from various people, they’re more likely to think highly of themselves than someone who was only acknowledged by a creepy mailman who constantly looks through their mail.

However, love is a complex puzzle for anyone to understand because it involves shifting another person’s ideal and emotions to favor your existence. People read books, take seminars and hire dating coaches just to find a chance to discover love, but it’s crucial to know the fundamentals of attraction and why we fall in love in the first place. Once you know the procedures of how people fall in love, you’ll be consciously-aware on applying these methods into your life.


1. How near we are to them:

How Near we are to them

People usually fall in love with someone they see frequently. For instance, if you work at a job with someone for over a year, you are likely to conjure some sort of attraction towards them rather than the first day you met him or her. If you go to class with someone, you’re more likely to naturally find them more attractive than someone you occasionally see in the cafeteria.

This happens because people tend to become attracted to those they have regular contact sessions with. They become more familiar with their habits, their personality and overtime this trust starts to become attraction itself. Even if someone doesn’t find you attractive at first, the longer they picture you inside their head along with your best traits, the easier it is for them to fall for you.

There have been plenty of moments where me or my colleagues had worked with someone in the past who we were not initially attracted to at first, but as time continued, we couldn’t help but notice a strange sense of attraction being born. In fact, it’s how several of my friends got happily married.


2. How Similar we are to them:

How similar we are

Not only is nearness a big factor when it comes to finding love, but a similar of interest has to be taken into consideration. Otherwise, we’d constantly fall in love with our neighbor or the stalker who continued staring at us through our window. It’s human nature to develop stronger feelings for someone who share our interest and attitude.

However, though there are those who says, “opposite attract,” most people first response is to avoid interacting with someone with different opinions and beliefs. They see the relationship process as being too overwhelming to invest themselves into because they have enough stress in their life. Which is why we often prefer being with someone who watches the same Netflix shows as us or eat the same type of food. 


3. Receiving the Same Approach of Love:

Receiving the Same

Once the first two categories are met, this is perhaps the most difficult stage to process. This is what set people in either the “friendzone” or couple category. We’ve all had moments in our lives where we developed strong feelings for someone and we were force to approach this subject after confronting our crush.

However, the challenge of revealing our feelings can often seem scarier than fighting giant spiders and hungry lions because of the fear of them not reciprocating your emotions.

If the other person doesn’t feel the same the same way you feel for them, it makes things very awkward. It lowers your self-esteem and makes you question your judgement and yourself. Some people then settle for being friends as some break the relationship completely.

To make this stage of attraction work for you, drop hints of flirtation every now and then and analyze the other person’s reaction. If they flirt back, those are signs they have some level of attraction for you. From there, break the touch barrier by grabbing his or her hand, or placing a hand on their arm.

After you touch them, watch their reaction. If they’re comfortable with your touch, that’ll be another good sign. Use these two strategies by starting off small, but gradually building up from there until you notice their signs of attraction for you. That will be the time where you reveal your feelings and hope for the best.

But let’s not forget another concept that continues to wrap itself around people minds…

4. How Attractive we are:


In today’s world, physical attraction has become one of the main qualifications most people examine in the game of attraction. After all, most people first form of attraction to someone normally starts with the physical appearance of either their eyes, hair, weight, height or a combination of them all.

Does this mean you have to look like a model to discover love? No. This means keeping a well balanced appearance to prevent the assumption you don’t take care of yourself.

As superficial as this stage seems, an individual’s attractiveness starts as a major influence in the beginning of a relationship. If you dress sloppy with a low cut appearance, the odds of finding someone willing to get comfortable enough to know you drastically decreases.

Sure, overtime as you get to know someone you tend to push those superficial thoughts to the back of your mind. But when you initially meet someone, all you have to go by is their appearance. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in. Physical attraction is normally the starting point for couples getting together.

People normally find themselves partnered with someone who closely matches their levels of attractiveness. We even tend to subconsciously befriend those who matches our level of attractiveness.

For women, the main level of attractiveness they look for in a male is their athletic abilities. As for men, they search for youth and beauty in a female. Overall, if you’re worried about your looks, don’t be.

The best way to master this stage is to simply take care of yourself. This means brushing your teethes daily, flossing after every meal, eating healthier, and exercising. Do these basic activities and this increases your levels of attraction and self-confidence to find the love you’re searching for.


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