5 Signs you’re in an Unhealthy Relationship


5 Signs you’re in an Unhealthy Relationship

5 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

An unhealthy relationship is the last thing anyone wants. When you enter a relationship, it starts off magically because every moment you spend with your partner feels special.

You do everything together and couldn’t be happier. However, there often comes a point where couples slowly begin noticing signs they might be in an unhealthy relationship.

The only reason you don’t immediately break the relationship is because you’re scared of the outcome. You’re worried if you end a long-term relationship, you’ll have to go through the hassles of dealing with the breakup and finding someone new who will accept you for who you are. And when you’re faced with those options, you rather choose to remain in your current relationship.

For others, they might have a sense of belittlement and believe they deserve to be in an unhealthy relationship. People with a self-loathing personality normally choose to remain in unhealthy relationships because they use it as a form to punish themselves or don’t feel as a complete person when left alone.

When someone is aware of being in an unhealthy relationship, they normally wonder what the source could be. It could be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause when brainstorming the situation because people often ignore the negative factors in exchanged for a relationship. That’s why I listed the major signs that form an unhealthy relationship.

What you do with this knowledge is up to you. If you know that you want to stay with your partner, then take action to correct those faults. You probably won’t see immediate results, but it’ll be a start to a better relationship.

A relationship takes both persons to make it work. However, if you know there’s nothing you could do to make your relationship continue, pull away and seek a new direction.

Choosing the single life may be irritating and depressing while searching for a new partner. But if your current partner has a means of treating you in a way that makes you depressed, determine the best route to take.

Every relationship has a chance to being saved if both partners are willing to work on it together. After all, a relationship is a teamwork process that brings two strangers into an interpersonal relation. The direct path to correct an unhealthy relationships starts with:

1. Acknowledging there is an issue in the relationship

2. Addressing the Issue on a 1-on-1 session. If married, it’s recommended to see a counselor

3. Forgiving each other for the mistakes that’s been made and learn to move on

4. Building a life together as a stronger couple while accepting each other flaws and weaknesses

An unhealthy relationship doesn’t mean it’s over because there’s always a chance it could be corrected. It’s neglecting the signs of an unhealthy relationship that leads to cheating, anxiety, abuse, and depression.

Once you know the bad sectors of a relationship, you could either address the issue or leave your partner to start a new life. If you’d like a hand of support, feel free to contact me in my Contact Form or Forums. As for the signs of an unhealthy relationship, it begins with:


1. A lack of support

It’s understandable that life problems could get in the way and we forget the people close to us. We become wrapped up by our daily affairs that we subconsciously ignore our partner. We fail to see when they’re suffering with their own personal issues and need support.

An emotional neglect could damage a relationship the longer it remains unattended. Without a support system to attend to each other needs it naturally causes you and your partner to slowly neglect each other and ruin the relationship.

If you find it difficult speaking to your partner about the troubles inflicting your mind, be honest by telling them your honest thoughts. Be humble as you speak to them to gain their trust.

If you attack your partner with foul words or an angry attitude, it only raises their level of defense and they end up pushing themselves away from you even more. To effectively restore that support system, share your desires with them so they feel the opportunity to do the same.


2. An Abusive Relationship

This could happen to anyone in a relationship and when it does some people would rather turn a blind eye than face a confrontation.  Especially when the abuse is only psychological because we believe there’s no harm if we ignore the name callings and insults.

But verbal abuse could be just as damaging as physical abuse because it mentally affects us. We end up requiring medications to suppress the pits of depression aching our hearts and could eventually turn to other resources such as drugs and alcoholism.

It’s natural to have arguments with our partner, but if either of you strike a punch or insult the other person, it crosses the boundaries of mutual respect. Physical and emotional abuses can destroy a person’s moral and lead them to anxiety, low self-esteem and depression.

This is what gets in the way when making critical decisions and facing life events. If a relationship negatively affect us in this manner, it makes life even more challenging because we begin doubting ourselves and our abilities. 

To recognize the early signs of an abusive relationship, ask yourself if your partner humiliates you, negatively criticizes you, hits you with the intent to harm, or mistreat you emotionally. Whether minor or major, any form of abuse to intentionally harm you shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Aim to set yourself for independence and escape the bind your partner placed you in. Most abusers goals are to control their partner, and will use the methods of tormenting their partner mentally or physically.


3. Setting their prioritizes in the wrong places

One of the main reasons we get into a relationship is to form a companionship with someone and support each other needs. Taking time away from our careers and personal goals are often necessary in exchanged for spending quality time with our loved ones. It’s what builds a relationship to become stronger and more meaningful.

However, by continuously neglecting our partner due to workaholic and addicted behaviors, it causes them to question you as in individual. They start seeing you as a self-centered person who doesn’t appreciate them.

If your partner position everything else as a priority before you, it could cause you to feel less appreciated. It’s understandable that they need time for their self-improvement, careers, or personal goals but you also play a vital role in their life. You serve as one of their anchors for emotional support, and a way to treat this bad habit from your partner is finding ways to schedule time to spend with them.

While your partner sets their mind to other priorities, you set yourself to what you want to accomplish.  For a healthy relationship to reach its highest potential, you and your partner need to sacrifice some productive time to increase your personal affairs. 


4. Lies

Trust is essential for a romantic relationship to continue in a healthy manner. The moment we lie to our partner, we place the relationship in a dangerous level due to deceit and manipulation. It’s why most relationships come to an end after someone gets caught. Keeping secrets is the beginning of forming mistrusts between couples, and once a person loses trust, it’s hard to recover from it.

Lies lead to deception and the moment we’re caught is when it increases the chance of our partner growing apart from the other. Not only will you feel internally better about your relationship, but it sets you both in a safe place.

Ways to restore a relationship after a lie is having your partner prove they could become reliable again by following through with their promises. It might take time before the healing process is complete, but if you forgive your partner and reestablish trust, it restores the relationship.


5. Lack of Respect

For a relationship to flourish, there has to be a mutual respect between you and your partner. This means treating your partner the same way you’d like to be treated. There can’t be any disrespect or insults meant to lower your lover’s self-esteem.

If you find your partner neglecting your opinions by ignoring your inputs and suggestions, it’s best to let them know about it. The more you allow your partner to give you a lack of respect, the more likely you are to act the same way towards them or someone else. Examples of signs that your partner is disrespecting you is if they’re constantly blaming you, criticizing you, or acting inconsiderate.

It’s normal for couples to argue with one another to release their confined emotions, but it has to be done in an balanced fashion.  If you find yourself always angry with your spouse and you’re both constantly arguing, the first step to correcting it is recognizing there’s a communication problem. From there, work on changing you and your partner’s behaviors by encouraging the both of you to support each other mentally.

Focus on rebuilding the relationship by releasing your stress through anger management. To create a healthy respectful relationship, couples have to accept there will be moments of disagreements and conflicts.

But what makes a relationship survive is when you both identify them and discuss them together. Overall, for a relationship to work effectively requires you and your partner building a balanced mutual bond.

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