Are Relationships Good For Your Health


Are Relationships Good For Your Health

Are relationships good for you health? As funny as this question seems, it’s still asked by multiple people who question the outcomes of a relationship. The common answer a majority of my readers would give is,

Yes, relationships are good for us and our health. Are you an idiot for asking that question?”

Relationships serve as an emotional support during our time of need. They give us a time to get out of our head and have social interactions with others. In many aspects, social relationships are required for our health, and beneficial in the long run.

However, the question still arise around the effects of relationships and how they impact our health if neglected. To give you a quick answer to the question, yes, relationships are good for our health so long as it’s a good relationship.

When we deal with an abusive or unhealthy relationship, this only gives us more issues to deal with. Unhealthy relationships are the root cause for many couples stress, depression, and bad health.

Soooo….Are Relationships Good For Your Health

Normally when we have a hurtful past experience regarding previous relationships, we tend to push away from future relationships to avoid those negative feelings. We fear the pain we experienced and would rather push people away before those negative feelings return after a new breakup.

This is why someone could be perceived to be stuck up by others. But oftentimes, people don’t act like a snob to push others away from them.  It’s because they’re scared to continue on with the relationship and receive hurtful feelings when it ends.

Even I occasionally have this feeling  where I fear developing a new friendship with someone I knew would move away after a few months. The way I had to overcome this fear was to cherish the friendship I had with that person and keep it to heart so next time I see them, that spark could shine like before.

It’s never easy to adapt to a new environment where we’re forced to meet new people and form new relationships. But if we choose to remain alone, it puts our health at risk. It doesn’t affect us immediately if we shun everyone out of our lives, but without social support, we deal with an internal struggle.

By choosing isolation, our stress would consume us like a disease. We need someone who’s willing to listen to us when we’re vulnerable so they could relieve us from our inner burdens. Humans who suffer from high levels of depression tend to have less social support to feed off of, and use medications to treat their minds.

But medications or drugs could only do so much for a person before they feel that burden of isolation once more. That’s where social support come into play.

Social support doesn’t just come from our lovers or friends. Our family counts as a major source of support when it comes to coping with personal emotional issues. They give us an ear to listen to and are less likely to judge you as someone outside your family would.

Depending on the stress that a person undergoes, family normally provide comfort that we received as children , which brings our minds at ease. Examples would be allowing us to stay with them, crying on their shoulders, or consulting us concerning life matters.

However, though family support is beneficial for many emotional issues, we need social support from our friends to help us in other areas. They help us by usually providing personal advice and comfort. Unlike dealing with family, the advantage of this type of support would be speaking to someone who relates to the issues you’re going through.

Examples would be taking us out to eat, shopping, and spending time doing whatever activity you enjoy doing. This takes you out of the reality that you’re suffering in and concentrate to the present. 

When we have relationships with our love partner, they provide a type of support that’s a combination between family and a friend approach. With our partner, we receive an emotional and comfortable resting zone.

The high sense of security and companionship help us overcome the feelings of loneliness. And such as our issues, we need to assist our spouse with the type of support they need to escape their discomfort zone. They might need encouragement to continue their dreams, or defeat their struggles.

One of the most important aspect to a relationship is how each partner build each other up because after a certain point; it’s just not ME or HER. It’s US, and if your partner is emotionally suffering, a part of you is suffering as well.

Overall, we need to connect with people in order to feel loved and valued. Self-love is necessary and helpful, but we still need a sense of connection that establishes a meaningful relationship. If you’re not dating anyone, strengthen your friendship despite the lonely benefits you might enjoy.

It’s very tempting for me to choose a lifestyle of solitude sometimes, but I’m aware of the internal consequences if I stuck to it. 

You will encounter difficult times with your friends that will make you question it, but override those small conflicts if the benefits outweigh them. For my readers who have love partners, maintain the mutual trust that allows you both to open up with each other.


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  1. Hi Michael,

    Yes, relationships are good for our health and well being. If you study the centaurians, almost every one of them will say that they have a very strong relationships, friendships and ties with the family.

    Like you said, such relationships relieve us of stress and provide us with feelings of happiness. These feelings (and the lack of them, such as in stress), boost our immune systems and keep us healthier.

    By the way, thanks for stopping at my Blogging Spree , that’s where I got to know you.

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