7 Top Organizer Apps to Make Life Easier


7 Top Organizer Apps to Make Life Easier

It’s tricky and frustrating to maintain our schedule every second of the day when dealing with a job, hobbies, friends, and a love life. And time management could be a tricky force to control.

So before I lost my mind and joined one of the local Fight Clubs, I went through a list of apps that could make life easier.

Though there were a variety of applications that topped in productivity, I chose the ones that would help the vast majority of people with their daily routines. So whether you’re a college student struggling with balancing their schedule, a worker trying to find an effective tool to assist them, or someone who just wants to live an organized life, here are 7 top organizer apps that will make life easier.

1. Apps Organizer: Price: Free

Such as the name reveals, this app simply allows you to organize the apps in your phone or tablet by creating shortcuts or labels for them. This app is recommended to people who have a variety of apps on their phone and grow tired of flipping through the pages just to find the one they’re looking for. (I have like 50 apps…so I usually have to flip through the pages a few times.)

You could use this app to clean your phone space by arranging your social apps in one folder, your game apps into another and those useless apps you’re not sure what to do with in another folder. (Sometimes it’s hard to let go of those apps you’re not even sure how it got installed into your phone.) Whatever structure you want, App Organizer organizes your apps in a way that makes it easier and quicker to find your apps.


2. Jorte Calender & Organizer: Price: Free

Though there is a paid version of this app (which isn’t really necessary) this app is meant for either personal or business use. It’s meant to manage your daily schedule by providing features such as a count down tool (which counts how many days you have left before an event in your calender). That feature is amazing when you mark a goal you want to achieve or a task that’s due later.

Another feature that’s amazing is the coloring labels it provides to mark your calender and the diary to jot down your notes. What makes Jorte Calender stand out in the market is it’s simplistic fashion of customizing everything in your schedule.


3. Day by Day Organizer: Price: Free for Demo Version/$3.50 for Full Version

For those Google lovers out there, this app might be just for you. This application is designed to fully implement your Google Calender and Google Tasks so your schedule remains with you everywhere you go.

You could plan out your schedule at your personal computer, and shortly afterwards that information gets sent to your android. Such as Jorte Calender, this app has birthday reminders, daily trackers, and voice input. This app starts off as a free demo to give you a feel for it, and if you decide it’s meant for you, it’s only $3.50.


4. To-Do Calender Planner: Price: Free

This Colorful app makes life simpler by giving you a variety of customizing features such as an agenda view and daily task schedules. But what makes this app outstanding is the attachment feature to add files and photos to your tasks and appointments.

Another intriguing feature is adding Google Map locations to your tasks and events so you won’t have to worry about getting lost. Overall, this is a super user friendly app that lets you plan, schedule, and feel satisfied.


5. ColorNote Notepad Notes: Price: Free

Most of you are familiar with using a notepad to write your grocery or task list. For those who’d like an easier method, this app gives you a simple way to make this happen in your phone or tablet. You could write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping-lists and to-do lists.

The dozen of choices are yours because you can color code your notepads, create a password lock feature, and setup reminders to keep you on track. I tend to use the the diary feature whenever I need to write down a quick idea I have but don’t have any paper on hand. It also helps to set in a reminder for the next day that I have a paper or assignment due. (Nothing like assuming you’re receiving a text, but it’s really your phone telling you what to do.)


6. Evernote: Price: Free

With over a million people using this app, it goes into saying that this is a pretty useful tool. Evernote gives you the ability to take notes, get organized, create to-do lists, draft agendas, manage your expenses, and much much more.(Seriously. The list was too long to put into a single sentence.)

It’s practically a modern workstation in itself that could act as a personal assistant for you. This has anything you could ever want to when you yearn for something productive and simplistic.


7. Cozi Family Organizer: Price: Free

What’s different about this app is that it’s a family friendly tool that creates shortcuts in the communication process. (But in a strange way I suppose.) If you’re friendly towards a majority of your relatives and don’t mind continuously communicating with them, this app is for you. This app also works for parents who want to keep a tab on their children (or teenagers if they have the guts.)

Thanks to its shared access features your entire family could use, anyone can cross off or add new tasks in a cloud shared notepad.

Need an example? Suppose your family went shopping together at the mall to pick up a list of items. They could use this app to cross off the items they picked up and everyone can see what’s been picked up with the cloud share notes.

But it doesn’t end there. The family journal lets you add photos and diary features for everyone to see and enjoy. (Just don’t post any drunk or nude pictures on there…your grandparents probably aren’t going to enjoy it that much.) In total experience, if you’re close to your family and want to keep them updated to what’s happening in your life, this app is perfect for you.


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