7 Ridiculous Ways That Will Actually Relax Your Mind


7 Ridiculous Ways That Will Actually Relax Your Mind

When I’m not fishing for turtles, I’m discovering new ways to lower my daily stress. And as much as I’d like to practice the usual methods of relaxation (such as exercising or choosing not to be angry) I enjoy trying weird things out. Instead of doing the genetic self-improvement activities, I developed a few strange traits that actually lowered my stress.

Before mentioning these unique methods, know they’re not meant for everyone. If you’re searching for ways to overcome your worries in a new fashion, these techniques might just be worth trying out.

1. Auditioning as a Singer

To make it clear; you’re not required to actually sign up for a music audition. This only means finding a time and place to sing your heart out (despite how angry your next door neighbor gets.)

It could be extremely frightening to sing while in public or even next to your pet, but when you find a place of isolation, release your heart out and sing whatever song comes to mind (even if you don’t know any of the words.)

Most people are frightened to sing because since the time we were children, we’re taught to shut up and not make any loud noises. As we grow, we continue believing this rule, seeing loud people in public as obnoxious attention seekers. (However, in some cases that might actually be true.

Be smart about it and don’t scream swear words in a restaurant like a drunken sailor. But don’t be afraid to let loose to sing to yourself while in the office, your car, or the shower. When you normally see someone singing in public or even speaking loudly, it’s easy to assume they’re angry, aggressive or plain crazy.

But singing releases your bottled-up emotions and frustrations you hold within yourself. It calms your mind because you’re not obeying society rules and you’re doing something that comes from within. Music has always connected with our hearts and souls, altering our moods depending on the type of music we listen to.

There have even been cases where music manipulated someone’s behaviors in weird ways. So the next time you’re alone in the car, don’t be afraid to sing with the radio to lower your stress.

2. Find a Crowd to laugh with

Laughing by yourself is fun, but when you find 10 other people laughing besides you, it suddenly makes whatever you’re laughing at the funniest thing in existence. Even if something you didn’t find funny alone, it can suddenly appear funny when you see other people laughing at it. That’s because laughter opens our hearts and allows us to connect with other people through an emotional level.

To add science into the bunch, when you laugh, your body creates a bunch of “feel good” chemicals and hormones that gives you a high feeling. When you’re around people releasing the same hormones, it’s creates an infectious atmosphere that bonds you to them. Whether you’re at work, with family, friends, or even strangers, the power of laughter creates stronger interactions between people.

Overall, people are naturally attracted to those who smile and share their positive energy. If you’re embodied by stress, use laughter with your friends and family as a way to lighten yourself and those close to you.

3. Start using your nose more

We smell things all the time. The other day I smelled a strange odor coming from the garbage bin no one likes to speak about. But did you know that you’re able to use the power of smell to manage your stress? Otherwise known as Aromatherapy, this is where smell can affect your thoughts and emotions.

For example, people minds tend to change whenever they smell fast-foods when it’s around the corner. You’re quick to be distracted by peculiar smells or something that isn’t normal for your brain to process. People attitudes change whenever they smell any sort of tobacco whether it’s triggering a need to smoke or finding the quickest route of escape.

Even though your sense of smell isn’t as strong as animals, it’s used in your daily life for survival. Underneath that layer of body spray and perfume is a unique smell you hold. Though you can’t smell it, other people can and this subconsciously determines what they think of you. But for more information about the power of smell, I recommend this article about it.

When you use your smelling abilities for relaxation, your aim is to trigger the nerves inside your nose, which sends impulses into your brain that controls memories and emotions. Different smells triggers specific sectors insides your brain and in turn, manipulates your emotions to flow along ride.

Depending on the type of smell you take will determine whether it’ll calm your mind or send it haywire. This is what some people use to deal with depression or high blood pressure because it promotes relaxation and helps relieve stress. If you’re wondering what kind of smells are recommended, go with:

Jasmine: This lifts your mood to relieve stress and depression.

Frankincense: This is used to lower your stress.

Lavender: Helps relieves headaches and makes it easier to sleep

Clove Bud: This gives you a warming and comforting feeing

Orange, Lemon, Lime: These three scents promote a cheerful, refreshing attitude

Vanilla: This provides a comforting and balancing effect

Cedarwood, Red: This is useful for emotional stress and anxiety to overcome feelings of powerlessness.

4. Give your worries and stress a Rain check

Why worry about something now when you can let future you worry about it. I don’t mean simply neglecting your duties or responsibilities, but shoving it to the side so it doesn’t roam through your head the entire day. When you’re stressed, your problems continue wrapping around your head, bottling your emotions and distracting you from important matters.

Your mood is altered by bothered thoughts that end up having you make terrible mistakes. So rather than dealing with those horrendous feelings, schedule a time in your day to worry about them (such as from 6:00 – 6:30.)

Whether you use it as a form of meditation, exercise, or sit somewhere alone, use the time to think over your problems and how to fix them. Evaluate what’s going on in your life and examine what’s solvable.

5. Bring Flipper to your Home

Who needs to go to Sea World when you can bring it to your living room. A technique that lowers people stress is known as Dolphin Therapy. This is where someone listens to the sound of the ocean and dolphins while lying down or resting somewhere. (Why spend money on a psychologist when there’s fishes that’ll treat us for free.)

Such as how smell triggers your state of mind, sounds work just the same. Not only is music relaxing, but smooth rhythm sounds bring you into a calmer state. What makes listening to dolphins an effective method is that their slow repetitive sounds alter your brain neurons, leading to a reduction of stress and anxiety.  

The natural sounds that originates from the ocean and dolphins is extremely appealing due to its calm melody, engaging your brains auditory, visual, and motor sections. As a result, it relaxes your mind, boosts your creativity, and improve visual attention.

6. Turn those Candles into something Useful

When you’re questioning what to do with those unattended candles left in your drawer, a good choice is to place them in your ear. (I wish I was joking.) Otherwise known as Thermal Auricular Therapy, this is when someone places a burning candle stick in their ear to relieve stress and tension. And as odd as this stress reliever is, it’s designed to clean out the nasty wax from your ear and improve your general health.

For those questioning it in the back of their minds, this activity is safe to perform and many people reviewed it a relaxing experience. (Unless they were all lying to pull the weirdest prank.) The session usually lasts around 30 minutes and the benefits are usually improving your hearing, helps eliminate headaches, and fights off infection.

Ear Candling Therapy isn’t meant for everyone and is normally most beneficial towards people who wear hearing aids, musicians, have allergies, or work in dusty environments.

7. Embrace the shocks of a cold shower

This is perhaps one of my least favorites stress relievers (even more than Ear Therapy) because I’ve always preferred hot showers. But what’s beneficial about cold showers is that they boosts your attitude and alertness.

Unlike the effects of warm showers that slowly pulls you into a relaxed state, ice cold water will quicken your responsiveness to reality. Not only will your heart rate increase, you’ll be more energized and willing to forget the bad thoughts troubling your mind. From there, it’ll be much easier to concentrate on other areas such as your goals or dreams.


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