7 Freaky Ways Relationships Can Change Your Personality


7 Freaky Ways Relationships Can Change Your Personality

My buddy once told me that after marriage, your personality slowly starts to change for good or worst depending on your spouse. Of course I was skeptical, but that was until I started dating a vegan who ended up almost turning me into one. It was until I saw myself looking at skin soy milk at the grocery store that made me realize what had happened. There were vocabulary words I didn’t know existed until I started dating her.

Our personalities are determined by a trail of personal experiences that directs the way we think and respond to every event. If you have a messed up and dark childhood, there’s a pretty high chance you’re going to have a defensive personality. Although our emotions act as a temporarily holding ground, our personalities is a trait that forever remains with us based on her experiences with someone.

Overtime, it does change slightly in one way or another, but overall it usually remains the same in regards to how you see life. Of course as you continue to grow, you become wiser and maturer. But there will always be a certain set of principles that mark your personality based on how you respond to others, and how you experience emotions.

7 Freaky Ways Relationships Can Change Your Personality

Personalities are created by your daily thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Which is why no two people could ever have the same exact personality. Everyone is unique in their own way and make decisions based on their own principles.

Given that most people express the same moral principles such as murdering is bad and stealing is wrong, your daily attributes are what makes up your character. By childhood, people are given a personality trait that can stick with them for the rest of their life.

One person may naturally possess a need to be adventurous and fearless since they were born. They can have a drive to try something new and get themselves dirty. This results in the person making more daring decisions and taking firm actions throughout their life.

On the other hand, suppose their sibling was the exact opposite. Instead of yearning excitement and adventure, they liked to be discreet and observant. Before making sudden decisions they question the way it could affect their life based on what happened to those who made the same decision.

Changing the core of your personality is difficult because some people are either natural introverts or extroverts. We pick up small permanent habits at childhood such as the way we eat, how we write, what we like to wear, and how we walk. I usually like to act as an introvert but can occasionally use extrovert manners when required.

But it’s mentally exhausting to continue socializing with people and putting up a front they’re comfortable with. That’s because my core personality has already been sculpted and unless I spend years building an extrovert habit, it will remain that way.

People personalities can shift through a variety of events, but it’s often the relationships that stir them towards another direction the fastest.

As some people can turn a complete 180, some only shift a few degrees to the right because of the way their partner or friend influenced them. Therefore, the 7 ways relationships can change your personality is…. 

1. You Think Differently Towards Success

7 Freaky Ways Relationships Can Change Your Personality

After committing yourself to a relationship, you no longer consider most of your success through an alone perspective. Whenever a major change enters your life, you offer a part of that greatness with those close to you. (Whether you’re aware of it or not.) Your mood changes when you’re around them because they’ll be a reminder to where they played a part for your success.

Perhaps you had a girlfriend who stayed up with you all night to study for your exam. Or maybe your friends were a huge support when you was mentally drained from work. You remember those moments when someone supported you and cheered you on.

Even small levels of success can lead people into taking their friends out to dinner or buying their girlfriend a new gift. For instance, I knew the moment I received a huge promotion at work, I pondered what I could get my partner for her birthday. It also made me appreciate my friends even more because they always supported me along the way.

A major benefit towards having a relationship was learning how to be supportive towards someone whether I agreed with them or not. It’s not my job to dictate how someone should live their life. I can only give suggestions and tips to what they could do. People are given a freewill to do as they please.

2. You Think Differently Towards Time

When you’re alone, life appears to go faster than you’d expect. At first, you might assume time goes slower when you’re alone. But as you easily get caught into continuously doing the same thing, you forget how fast time moves.

This then gives you a lack of happy memories because your mind will only see you completing the same tasks over and over again. Nothing stands out and you easily mistake yesterday for two weeks ago.

7 Freaky Ways Relationships Can Change Your Personality

However, after forming a relationship with someone, I noticed doing different activities with them was an adventurous process. Not only are you rearranging your own personal schedule, but you’re determining how to fit it in with your partner’s schedule.

The odds of repeating the same routines are reduced because you’re arranging your life to work with another person.  You’re able to remember the positive moments you spent with someone because it didn’t match your repeated schedule.

Another major sign you notice is that you start appreciating the time you spend alone. You will appreciate the time you spend with someone else, but the small moments you spend to yourself will be more precious than before.

3. You Think Differently About Compromises

Before developing a relationship, it was hard imagining myself giving up my time or effort for another person. I often expected things to go my way without needing any support from someone else. But after forming several relationships, I learned how much help I actually needed.

Sure, it was irritating waking up at midnight because my friend wanted to pick up a new video game that was released. Yes, it was tiresome because my girlfriend wanted to go out on Friday night when all I wanted to do was catch up on Netflix. But despite those irritating moments, I actually enjoyed knowing the fact I had someone in my life I could count on.

There were many times where I couldn’t do something by myself and needed someone’s support. I may like pretending to do things independently, but it’s nice to know someone has my back.

It’s pleasant to be aware that my girlfriend is willing to drive me somewhere when I’m sick, or my friend will loan me his outfit when mine goes missing (that’s a long story.)

4. You Think Differently About Communication

7 Freaky Ways Relationships Can Change Your Personality

Without any form of relationship, your communication skills are bound to diminish. A mistake I previously made was assuming that without any kind of functional relationship, I was still capable of managing my communication skills.

However, what I soon uncovered was that I forgot how to properly speak to strangers. Either my tone was pitched or I developed shy habits that held me back from fully communicating to someone.

When I formed a relationship, it suddenly made socializing more relaxing than before. I was able to speak more naturally because it was a habit I was familiar with.

In any relationship, you learn how to express your thoughts and emotions. You also learn how to respect other people opinions rather than being closed minded. Overall, one of the major benefits is that a healthy relationship helps you maintain your patience, tolerance, and forgiveness towards other people.

5. You Think Differently About Your Daily Habits

Before getting into a relationship, I never considered exercising as a normal routine. I occasionally worked out when I felt nasty about myself, but for the most part I rarely considered it a lifestyle. It was until I got into a relationship with a woman who exercised daily and she influenced that behavior into my life.

She never pushed me into it or even asked. It was because I constantly watched her exercising that persuaded me to follow and work on myself. The more you watch someone you formed a relationship with, the more likely you are to copy their habits.

This is normally why parents become fearful when their children are dating someone who does drugs. (Besides the fact they’re placed in a dangerous setting.) Their partner may not verbally influence them to copy their behaviors, but as they become more familiar with it they soon develop a natural curiosity to try it out.

6. You Think Differently Towards Your Goals

During one of my early relationships, a passion I hardly focused on was drawing. I did enjoy drafting a few sketches in class out of boredom, but I never considered taking it seriously. (I used to draw anime in case some of you were wondering.)

But during that relationship, she often encouraged me to continue with my drawing and see where it takes me. Though I didn’t take it seriously at the time, I did enjoy the thought. That thought then grew into curiosity that eventually turned into an obsession. Not too long after I began creating short comics. (They’re actually called Mangas for anyone familiar with those.)

Not only did my drawing improve, but my confidence towards them did too. I no longer felt shy or intimidated about entering my pictures into contests. And it was always exciting to see my drawings chosen as one of the top choices.

Ultimately you will encounter someone who plants seeds in your head that can encourage you to dig deeper into one of your interests.

Stephen King wife encouraged him to continue his writing career when he was close to giving up. So don’t think of relationships as a barrier towards your goal, but as possible eye openers that can help you discover your other passions.

7. You Think Differently About Your Life Story

Sure, spending time alone can be a tale you think back to yourself at some point in your life. But as most stories goes, a plot with only one character wouldn’t excite you for long.

7 Freaky Ways Relationships Can Change Your Personality

Life isn’t meant to only share it with yourself as you further your self-development skills. It’s about creating a story that allows you to encounter other characters along your journey.

The more people you form a relationship with, the more colors you add to your story. People need to know they had a friend at some point who supported them or shared an amazing experience with. People need a relationship that taught them how to be a better person.

You learn more about yourself through other people eyes and experiences. Throughout the years, I learned a variety of lessons being by myself. However, after forming several relationships I learned how to relate to strangers because they resembled other characteristics I dealt with in the past.

I use those experiences to serve as an example when speaking to others about many conversational topics. Building and maintaining any healthy relationship does require a lot of work, but it’s always worth it in the end.

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