The 18 Codes that Happy People Follow


The 18 Codes that Happy People Follow

“If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the world belongs to you.” Lao Tzu

The search for happiness is a prize that everyone wants, but very few actually receives. It’s why people seek after power, wealth, and relationships throughout their lives.

However, despite those beliefs, you can’t only rely on those resources alone to keep your happiness gauge filled because the moment you lose them, you fall back to a lifestyle of depression.

Take for example, when you buy a new car, you initially become emotionally high, but the longer you have that car, the less enthusiastic you feel about it. Overtime, you grow a natural urge to look for something new to refill your happiness gauge.

Happiness doesn’t hide in possessions or events outside of your control, but rather your perspectives about life. The 18 codes listed below are derived from the strategies happy people apply to incorporate a lifestyle of happiness.

These 18 codes are meant to be combined together together instead of being used individually to fully incorporate a happiness lifestyle.

Code 1

Avoid Constantly Blaming other people

Fill your mind with peace and satisfaction to live a fruitful life. Happy people avoid occupying their minds with hatred and negative criticisms. Or else, the outcomes will harm you more than the person you continuously blame. Blaming others for your welfare does nothing but fill you with resentment and bitterness. Instead, take action by making the necessary changes in your life.

Code 2

Avoid forcing your beliefs upon another person

No one likes a person who enforces their beliefs upon them. It gives the assumption you’re better than them and that you’re forcing them to follow your lifestyle. Happy people accept the beliefs of their friends and strangers without trying to forcefully change them.

Perhaps over time through positive influence, you can guide their thought towards your direction. However, remember, humans are creatures that prefer to be persuaded through kindness and acceptance rather than egotism and hostility.

Code 3

Avoid trapping yourself in mindless internet arguments

Your time and mind are too precious to get yourself caught in mindless arguments that consume your energy. It is easy for people to defend themselves once someone attack sensitive topics that relates to beliefs, opinions, or debates. But the anger you received from nasty internet trolls will ruin your attitude for the rest of the day.

Your mind will be too distracted to work or focus because you’ll continue thinking of what someone said about bacon. If you encounter someone pushing negative words towards your direction, take the position of ignoring their comments and making their words appear meaningless. Ignoring internet trolls are the only way to overcome them.

Code 4

Avoid sitting around wishing and start doing

With the media’s influence taking over the country, people often make the mistake of assuming that success is a time clock waiting to click into their life. They think that all they need to do is sit down and wait for motivation or the new million dollar idea to pop into their head.

But the happy person avoid making the simple mistake of waiting for the perfect moment and take action by actively pursuing it. Even if you don’t know what you want, experiment with new activities and read more often about other people who succeeded. Eventually, you will find something you love and motivates you.

Code 5

Avoid the temptations of arrogance

Happy people ignore the belief that they’re better than anyone else. By constructing such a rigid belief that you’re more special than other people, you’re subconsciously setting the belief that you’re entitled.

Weak and depressed people make the mistake of believing they’re special and when life doesn’t go their way, receive negative emotions. They conjure self-defeating thoughts and assume the world is out to get them. When things don’t go right for happy people, they don’t complain about them. They take action and find solutions to make life work for them.

Code 6

Avoid the fear of asking someone out

It is greater to know the outcomes of a situation than to always ponder, “What if?” If you spot someone you’re attracted to, take the initiative of asking them out despite how beautiful they are. Never assume someone is out of your league because of their looks or income. Happy people overcome the fear of asking someone out by constantly ignoring their timid feelings and accepting the decision of the other person.

Code 7

Avoid the Fear of Broadening your knowledge

Happy people train themselves to make an effort to continuously learn something new. It broadens your mind and forms a new concept of thinking. You learn different ways to master a skill, train your thoughts, and your overall abilities. By limiting your knowledge to what’s only necessary, you limit your brain’s capability.

Code 8

Avoid putting a “mask” on when speaking to someone

The way you display yourself to others is how they will always remember you. Oftentimes, it’s not the words you tell someone, but the way you made them feel that matters most. Avoid the mistake of pretending to be someone you’re not when you’re with someone. Or else, overtime, it will negatively surprise them when they discover who you really are. True friends and allies don’t need you to wear a mask and it makes it easier to spot your enemies by revealing who you really are.

Code 9

Avoid Shunning People out of your life

Isolation and adopting a hermit’s lifestyle may seem tempting at times, but make a constant effort to keep other people in your life. Whether it’s with your family, positive friends, or even neighbors, ensure you continuously keep an update to their wellbeing. Human contact and communication are crucial elements to maintain a healthy mentality. Or else, you adopt negative habits and toxic thoughts.

Code 10

Avoid judging other people

Humans are creatures that are quick to judge others because it’s easier than wasting their energy to understand them. For example, upon meetup with anyone for the first time, it’s easy to assume they’re always rude, when in reality they’re a nice person only having a bad day.

Happy people avoid the mistake of making quick judgments until they entirely understand someone. You can assume another person is standoffish when in reality they’re just a shy introvert.

Code 11

Avoid the concept of jealousy and envy

Happy people avoid the temptation of pondering what others have in regards to status and possessions. Those thoughts give people a negative perspective about life because they begin seeing everything as unfair. They hate those in power or anyone who has more than them.

Jealousy builds anger and resentment, preventing you from focusing on your own path. Happy people never envy others and in many cases, encourage them to continue thriving. Keep focus on your own path and take mental notes of what those with greater power have done so you can learn from them.

Code 12

Avoid relying on other people for happiness

Happy people avoid relying on their happiness from others. By waiting for someone to give you happiness, you’re placing your feelings at risk. A general weakness that humans trap themselves in is relying on others to dictate their own emotions. They depend on others to make them smile, laugh, and feel good about themselves.

Instead, make the decision to smile and take the moment in for yourself. The moment you stop relying on other people for happiness, a door opens up for you that will set you free. If it helps, buy something for yourself and spend time alone doing what you enjoy.

Code 13

Avoid Negative Environments like the Plague

Trouble can be introduced into your life when you spend time in negative environments. Toxic people and environments are contagious and their toxins can eventually change your life for the worse. Negative people like to place themselves as victims and influence your way of thinking towards a darker path. When you encounter a negative environment, make the effort to separate yourself from it immediately, and find someone positive to spend your time with.

Code 14

Avoid the Pain of Resentment

Do not waste your time by troubling yourself with resentment. What someone did to you in the past is already set in stone and the most you can do now is move on and prevent it from happening again. There will always be people who give you undesirable experiences, but it is in your control to direct your emotions to the proper place. Work out, eat healthier and do something productive to forget and erase those painful thoughts. Encourage yourself to forgive others and focus on growing into a better human being.

Code 15

Avoid Living in a False Reality

Everyone has something in their life they’re not comfortable with whether it’s their past, present, or lives in general. But by pretending to be someone you’re not or pretending a part of your past doesn’t exist, it makes life more difficult. Become honest with yourself and accept the truth for what it is.

Whether you were abused as a child, work at a job you hate, or have friends you resent, take the action of openly admitting it yourself. Or else, you will continue browsing through life with a great sense of discomfort as you hold that false reality. From there, determine a way to change your life for the better to completely destroy those harmful emotions.

Code 16

Avoid the fear of failure by flashing a light in its path

An obstacle that holds people back is the thought of failure. Failure gives people the assumption they’re unintelligent and worthless. However, despite those feelings, it is far greater to try something and fail than to constantly wonder about it. Happy people become great when they accept their failures and use them for their best advantage.

Code 17

Avoid trying to force happiness into your life and let it flow smoothly

It is far more difficult to force happiness into your life than to let it gently roll in. If you try forcing happiness into your life by buying something expensive or jumping into any relationship, it sets timer for it. Happy people know that happiness is a resource that can only be received by introducing it to themselves and allowing it to effortlessly come into their life. Rather than looking for things to make them happy, they enjoy the moment and the small joys in life.

Code 18

Avoid Self Pity and Take Control of Your Life

Self-pity does nothing more than build depression and anxiety. Everyone had a moment they wanted to beat themselves up for it. However, happy people avoid the trap of living with those painful feelings and accept what happened. They learn from their mistakes and treat those negative experiences as a life learned lesson.


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