5 Diet Plans to Help you lose weight


5 Diet Plans to Help you lose weight

A lot of my readers have been hungry for more dieting posts and ways to improve their health. A more interesting question I received was the effective methods people have used to stick to their diet plans.

Everyone wants to stay motivated to eat healthy, but they’re often met with temptations sitting around the corner. And half the time, they do overcome those urges to eat a cheeseburger or sweets. However, there’s others who crumble in the face of junk foods and return to an unhealthy lifestyle.

A cheeseburger is pleasing to eat in the moment, but you regret it weeks later after stepping on a scale. Those delicious decisions you made at night to eat those cookies then haunt your memories as you see your body in the mirror. 

Finding it tough to stick to any diet plans you gave a shot? Hate depriving yourself of your favorite foods and having to give in to those irresistible cravings in just a few days? Follow these 5 super effective strategies that will not just help you stick to your diet, but will (hopefully) make you like it.

 1. Keep your Loved Ones Close

5 Diet Plans to Help you lose weight

Not everyone loves eating salads, but if you have a few foods that you know are healthy, and you love having them, keep them close. Include more of those foods to your diet, and look up variations in which you can cook them and include them in your meals. This will help you stick to your diet more effectively, and you’ll be less likely to quit right in the middle of your diet plan!

 2. Keep Track

5 Diet Plans to Help you lose weightMaintaining a food diary and keeping a record of the foods that you eat may seem boring, but do it once, and you’ll notice how it helps you stay more on track with your weight loss goals.

Keeping a note of the calories you’ve consumed in a day, your exercise levels and other important essentials can help you stay in the right frame of mind, and can motivate you to choose the right foods for the rest of the day, and stick to your calorie count.

3. Identify your Motivation

5 Diet Plans to Help you lose weight

Find yourself going weak-in-the-knees at the sight of a cheesy burger? Having some strong motivation can be of huge help at this stage, and that’s exactly what will help keep you from those occasional binge eating spells that totally ruin your weight loss attempts. Identify your motivation- it can be anything- a pair of old jeans, a friend who is super slim, or even a model in a fashion magazine.

 4. Choose Wise

5 Diet Plans to Help you lose weightDining out? Choosing the right foods will help you enjoy, and at the same time, won’t affect your diet in a major way. Choosing a bowl of soup and a serving of fresh garden salad can fill up your stomach with few calories, and you’ll be less likely to go for seconds on the main course.

Also try to avoid any dips and fried food at restaurants, and ask for grilled varieties. It is also a good idea to stick to veggies instead of meats, and ask for varieties cooked in olive oil instead of butter.

 5. Swap it Smart

5 Diet Plans to Help you lose weightSwapping popular unhealthy foods for healthier alternatives is one of the best foolproof tricks to make sure you stick to your diet. Got a cheese lover in you?

Choose low fat cheese instead of processed cheddar cheese. Craving for Nutella? Melt some dark chocolate and mix in some low fat almond/peanut butter and enjoy. You could also choose to look up some good healthier alternatives for different foods online or try creating something on your own!

In final thought…

Follow these 5 strategies and get set to amaze yourself on the way to losing weight and getting back in shape!



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  1. The reason most diets fail is because the expectations are initially too high and the motivation quickly subsides. You have to look at it as a lifestyle, not a diet. Nutrition is crucial to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Also, knowing how many calories you are consuming is also important so make sure to weigh your food when you can and eye ball it when out (this gets easier with time). You can still gain fat even if you’re eating healthy, as long as you are over eating. To learn about nutrition I recommend a book called Burn the Fat, found on https://physiquesofgreatness.wordpress.com. It has lots of information that will help you stay fit and it is organized in a way that will not confuse you and thus help you stay on track.

  2. Great tips Michael and I love your images. Another tip that can work is having a vision board. You just cut out pictures of how you want to look or the dresses or swimwear you want to wear, types of meals you aim to eat etc. You can make a physical board or use one of the free resources online. I know people who make them using a board on Pinterest. You can opt to keep it private so no one else has to see it.

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