7 Habits You Must Quit Before They Destroy You


7 Habits You Must Quit Before They Destroy You


1. Quitting something because you failed

It’s tempting to want to quit after you failed at something you aimed to accomplish, but that doesn’t mean you should quit. Understand that failure is meant to help you grow as a human because you’re acknowledging the fact you’re not perfect. Stephen King renowned novel, Carrie, was rejected 30 times before it finally got accepted. Walt Disney was fired because his previous boss believed he lacked imagination.

You probably hate failing just as much as me (especially if you keep losing on a certain video game level), but giving failure power over your mind is a losing battle. Never make failure personal because it doesn’t define your identity. Just because you didn’t do something right the first time doesn’t mean you’re forever bound to suck at it.

Examine failure while eliminating your anger, pride, and frustrations and see what you learned from it. From there, pick up the pieces and try again. And if you continue to dwell on your failures, you’re only blocking yourself from reaching the point you want to be at.


2. Being in a relationship eliminates all of life’s problems

When we’re alone and searching for a mate, it’s easy to ask ourselves what will give us happiness. We may tell ourselves we don’t need a girlfriend or boyfriend to be happy, but it’s easy to lose that thought process. After witnessing several love couples, romance movies, and love stories, you begin associating love and relationships as the ultimate gateway to happiness.

We assume that being in a relationship will eliminate every bad emotion you’ll ever have. But that’s a false illusion we set for ourselves until we receive that prize.

A transformation I’ve come to noticed in today’s generation is that marriage just doesn’t happen to people in a genetic fashion. There’s rarely any arranged marriages, or one done simply because someone wanted to be a housewife as the other a middle class worker. Now, you must rely on putting in an effort to understand the opposite sex and testing just how compatible you are with them.

This isn’t an age where you get married for conventional reasons. It’s an age where you have to honestly love that person if you’re willing to deal with them for the rest of your life.

Although being in a loving relationship brings great satisfactions, it won’t fix everything that’s wrong in your life. You’re still going to have personal goals you’d want to accomplishment. You’re still going to have problems that’ll need to be fixed. When you assume happiness rest in a relationship, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Because once your relationship takes a nasty turn and end, you’ll receive depression at a heavier weight you’ve ever had.


3. Rejection is the worst fate to suffer from

As an introvert, I tend to despise rejection just as much as the next person. But despite how bad it could make you feel, it actually does bring some positivity.

Sure, your pride is going to take a beating after you get rejected by that cute girl or getting fired from that annoying job, but rejection teaches you a valuable lesson. It makes you more humble and observant about life.

If you get fired from your job, you suddenly realize all those late nights you spent in the office didn’t really matter. When you get rejected by someone, it suddenly makes you realize that you’re not entitled to be loved by another person.

Despite whatever rejects you, I bet the same results have always happened to you. You dealt with it, went to bed, and woke up as the same person you were the night before. The world didn’t stop spinning, you weren’t exiled from society, and people were still willing to speak to you. And if it helps, think of rejection as the process of elimination that life provides for you.

You might not like the fact someone rejected you, but perhaps it was done for the greater good. Sure, maybe you didn’t get her number, but maybe she shouldn’t be in your life to begin with. Maybe she was a serial killer, psycho, or gold digger. Besides, it’s better to know something rejects you now than suffer several years later when you suddenly realize you married a crazy bipolar werewolf.


4. Everyone has to like you

The idea sucks, but everyone isn’t going to like you. Whether you become a famous actor, an entrepreneur, or the President, there’s always going to be that that one person who seems to hate you. They don’t even need a good reason. It could be because you have a red car.

Point is, don’t worry about trying to please the people who don’t like you. It saves you a good deal of frustration and worry. Instead, focus on the people who’s already helping you and providing you with positive feedback.

Put in a general effort to maintain the friends you developed in either High School, college, or work. All you really need is one or maybe two friends who support you. Everyone else is just a pawn on your chessboard to talk to whenever you’re bored. Remember, friendships are prizes which are difficult to replace. Haters could be replaced after a single heartbeat.


5. Having a good job will eliminate life worries

The average person usually believes when someone becomes rich or have a good paying job, they’ll never be sad again. It’s why people get addicted to gambling, lotteries, and pyramid schemes. But as everyone likes to say, money doesn’t buy you happiness.

People assume it doesn’t matter if they hate their job with a passion. So long as it provides them with a good paycheck, they’ll drown themselves with an endless pile of expensive toys. But that’s the dark side whenever you choose a career based on its salary.

When you’re stuck at a job you hate, it makes waking up in the morning difficult. You question your life purpose as you become jealous of your teenage years. You daydream about your old dreams and goals, but assume they’re pointless to chase after because of where you’re at now.

But keep in mind you only need a certain level of income to be happy. The rest is just for buying pretty toys to distract you until you die. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to do something you always wanted to do, or chase a career that actually excites you every morning.

Unless you’re immortal and have all the time in the world, question the worst thing that can happen if you quit your job and chase after your dream. Envision how you will deal with the lifestyle of working day and night to reach your goals.


6. You must wait until the perfect moment before life become perfect

Back when I was in school, having a 4.0 was the average student entire life. If they did bad in school, they assumed their life was over and there was nothing else to live for. But a harsh lesson I’ve come to realize was that your mistakes weren’t the final outcome to control your destiny.

If you had bad grades in school, it was still possible to become a doctor through other resources and assistance. You could still retake your tests. You could still study and ask for help. Thanks to movies, fictional stories, and false hope, people are led to believe that there will be a point in their lives where they’ll suddenly have the answer to everything they wanted to know.

They believe that one day they will suddenly be financially successful, have a perfect relationship, and have a flawless body to top it off. But life doesn’t just hand you those treats one day and it never will. It’s a harsh truth, but you need to fight for those treats yourself.

If you want to be financially successful, read and find ways to be financially successful. If you want better relationships, socialize and understand your strengths and weaknesses in communicating. If you want a sexy body, exercise regularly and eat healthier so you increase your metabolism.

Don’t assume your life is like a video game where you need to collect a prize to gain your rewards. Gradually work on what you want to accomplish daily until you reach that point and don’t stop there. Keep going.


7. It’s too late to do anything

One of the biggest obstacles that tackle people is believing they’re at a point they can’t do anything successful. Whether they assume they can never get another girlfriend, another job, or simply be happy, they let their thoughts beat them with a pipe.

Don’t be depressed because you’re failing at something or life seems too hard to face. It’s never too late to start anything and there’s a heavy chance someone successful was in the same shoes you’re in before they climbed to the top. If it helps, read about their life and see how they overcame their struggles.

So far, the only obstacle that’s preventing you from getting to where you want to be at is your mind. Instead of watching television, invest your skills in something you actually desire. Instead of procrastinating daily, baby step your way towards the life you want.

You’re right. It will take hard work and you’ll want to give up such as every other successful person that ever existed. But that’s what makes success so great. It’s proof that you pushed yourself to reach that goal despite what obstacles came your way.

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  1. I love that proverb. It reminds of this book I’m finishing called the power of now. I often think about what I want to do in the future but such as the quote goes, I just need to start Now. Sure I’ll probably fail and do badly. But I can only get better each time.

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