16 Life Rules Mentally Strong People Practice


16 Life Rules Mentally Strong People Practice

Mentally strong people constantly face obstacles that the rest of the world encounter. They deal with negative people, rough environments, or a haunting past.

16 Life Rules Mentally Strong People Practice

However, what sets mentally strong people apart from the average person is their ability to see the bigger picture in life. One of the best books to read is The 48 Laws of Power along with The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. Both teach you the best way to view life and how to handle yourself mentally.

Use these notes below. Print them out. Keep them close. Read them every day if you must until it’s ingrained in your head. These Life Rules are meant to serve as a reminder as to why you shouldn’t take life as serious as the average person does.


Law 1:

Understand What Love Is

Love is a bizarre drug. It has caused men to start war, murder, and suffer. Yet, it has also brought happiness, content, and pleasure. Do not be the average person who allows themselves to be ruled and controlled by love. Those who let love rule them are blind to make rash decisions or petty mistakes. Mentally strong people understand what love is and how to apply it naturally into their lives.

Mentally strong people are not afraid to show another person their love because they make a habit to not see it end horribly. Love is similar to the Schrödinger’s cat theory. You will never know the outcome of your love life unless you set out to see it.

Or else, if you continuously standby, questioning the outcome of any relationship, all possible events rehearse in your head. You will see yourself as forever being alone because that is the vision you give yourself. Instead, make the habit of proving which event in your head will take place.

Mentally strong people acknowledge that intimate romance is not the same as the one depicted in movies, books or television. It is rather unpredictable and terrifying in some cases. Romance is a wild rush that sends marvel into your life, or it can be the nightmare you never wanted. Do not make the mistake by demanding how your love life flows.

Remind yourself when you experience a breakup, life still moves on. You gained the experience of a relationship and are more aware of what you want from a partner. You learn what to correct in your next relationship.


Law 2:

Hold Responsibility

Mentally strong people are not afraid to admit when they are wrong or made a mistake. Excuses are for the weak man who question his insecurities and flaws. Do not fall for that temptation because such as you, everyone must answer to someone for something.

Whether you’re an intern reporting to their supervisor, a teacher reporting to the Principal, a pedestrian reporting to the Judge, or the President reporting to congress, all men must answer to someone.

Mentally strong people regularly humble themselves in front of others, never outdoing the boss or any higher authority to gain an ego boost. You will distinguish yourself from the average person who defend their mistakes, and will mark yourself as more trustworthy.

There are people around you who are dealing with bigger issues than yours. People are struggling to stay alive, prevent themselves from starving, and escape tragedies. Mentally strong people remain in charge of themselves. No one else is going to hand you the world. That is up to you.


Law 3:

You don’t have to know everything

Nobody has all the answers in the world. Mentally strong people are not ashamed in saying “I don’t have the foggiest idea.” Pretending to be flawless will only set you up for failure. The average person usually attempts to maintain a flawless identity, but always fail because of exhaustion.

Although people have a natural fear to reveal their true intelligence or uncertainty due to judgments, it is wise to remind yourself you don’t know everything. Be aware that you can’t in anyway know everything. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, but we learn as we go. That is life.

No one likes a know-it-all, and a little helplessness will make you human and more trustworthy to those around you.


Law 4:

Be a Master of Your Perspective

Your perspectives are what set the realities of your world. Mentally strong people keep control of their negative and positive emotions. When they are sad, they either play the role of an actor to avoid shunning their negativity upon others or they keep themselves isolated.

Regularly, when you’re on the verge of giving in to irrational beliefs such as you’re not good enough or you have to be this way, use the grounds of rational beliefs. That’s when you remind yourself even though a certain circumstance isn’t going the way you desired, it isn’t the end of the world.

Until people provide themselves with a rational view of their circumstances, they will automatically assume the worst. They will lose the desire to make the necessary changes because it will seem pointless.

If you don’t get the job you want, faced rejection, or too scared to make a difficult decision, rationalize the outcomes and the worst thing that can happen to you. Sure, you might face unpleasant results you normally wouldn’t choose, but you won’t die from it. Unless your decisions means the difference between life and death between seconds, it won’t be as bad as you think.


Law 5:

Do not enslave Yourself to Money

Do not design your life around earning a paycheck from month to month. There was once a man who was driven to receive a six figure paycheck, so he worked all day everyday for several years. However, before he had the chance to enjoy his money, he died from health failures due to constantly stressing himself. Though he passed on, his wife’s new spouse is enjoying it.

As important as money is, it should not dictate your life’s direction. When you find yourself stressing on making the next dollar, step away from your work and take a deep breath. Walk outside, meditate, and live in the now rather than the future.

Mentally strong people remain obligated to continuously keeping their mind and health in sharp conditions. They do not allow the stress of not making enough money to enslave them because it does nothing other than build stress and cloud their thoughts. 


Law 6:

Be Content. Ignore Pettiness

Mentally strong people do not allow petty problems to dictate the majority of their day. They do not allow rejection, someone else’s opinions, or the weather to dictate how they should feel.

The more attention you bring upon something irrelevant, the less energy you have to deal with the bigger fishes in the sea. For if you spend a majority of your time fighting a gold fish, it would make fighting a shark nearly impossible.

Save your energy, time, and concern for problems that are worth fighting for. Ignore petty problems that you cannot fully control such as bad traffic or a crowded store. The less burdens you give yourself, the more strength you have to take on major challenges.

Law 7:

People are Selfish. No One Cares.

Mentally strong people are aware that no one is required to love them. They keep in mind that most people they meet won’t care about them, and will only try to get something out of them. Thus, never take a happy person for granted. For it takes energy, generosity, and discipline to carry a positive attitude.

People might be interested in you, but never expect them to owe you a smile or compliment. Be thankful for those who are kind to you and show them gratitude. The more you thrive on helping others, the more others will want to be your friend. You will be their source of happiness and good emotions.

The ability to make yourself of high value to someone is what makes others more willing to follow and want to be with you. Mentally strong people never expect, nor do they care about gaining the attention of others.

Instead, with their carefree attitude, they show gratitude to others but will never beg for them to receive it. They walk their own path and never rely on others acceptance.


Law 8:

Learn the Art of Talking

The art of talking is what makes the world go around. Whether it’s giving directions, understanding another person, or gaining intimate relationships, knowing how to properly engage in a conversation will impact anyone’s life.

Mentally strong people make an effort to understand the basics of human communication on a daily basis. They make a conscious effort of humbling themselves as they get to know another person’s interests rather than explain their own. They smile and compliment those they are with to boost their self esteems.

Whether used for good or evil, the art of talking is used in advertising, by sales representatives, liars and criminals. Be cautious of what you tell someone and never be hasty to shove them negative opinions you keep inside your head.


Law 9:

Do Not Live in Oz

Do not create a world where everything must go your way or else, all of life will seem lost. When you set the expectations of, ‘it must be this way‘ or ‘they have to act this way‘ then it stresses the brain whenever things don’t go according to plan.

A man who live in the Oz in his head assumes he must be a certain way before he can ask a woman out. He waits for the perfect opportunity and when he still fails, grows bitter because life no longer makes sense to him.

Mentally strong people do not create rules everyone must obey because that will easily make them disturbed when they come to realize life doesn’t operate that way. Wanting life to go a certain way is a rational belief they incorporate because that gives them the chance to make readjustments when things go differently.

If a man gets rejected by a woman, he does not lose track of himself because he could simply find another woman who will appreciate him for who he is. When life isn’t going as you planned career wise, remind yourself that although it’s a unpleasant experience, it is not the end of the world. You’re intelligent and can think of a way to make life better for you.  


Law 10:

Account for Life Selfish Rules

It’s okay to be selfish, for it does not pertain to the average belief that most people pertain. Life requires the mentally strong person to be selfish to accomplish acts such as self motivation, self accomplishments, and self enrichment. By constantly relying on others to fulfill your own desires, you will be more toxic than pleasure upon others.

For one cannot accelerate their life if they’re constantly concerned about the opinions or thoughts of others. To be selfish is to firmly stand on the grounds of independence and accountability. Such as a bird is able to fly independently throughout the sky, a person must know how to live in the world alone.

Never disregard others in assumption that you can do everything alone. Mentally strong people know they are accountable to do what they must, but they also heavily depend on their families, friends, and partners. You cannot build a business without relying on your customers to buy your products. You cannot have a loving relationship without anyone to love you back.

When the weak person choose to isolate themselves from the world, no doors open for them. They will never receive the love the yearn for, the career they wanted, or the lifestyle they dreamed about if they choose to be entirely selfish with themselves. Thus, never restrain yourself and open yourself to the world without the fear of being torn apart.


Law 11:

You Need Social Time

Although isolation is a healthy reward for the mind, the mind also requires the balance of socializing. Humans need to speak to other people to escape the voices in their head and to escape the consequences of loneliness.

Since childhood, humans are drawn from the attention of others. We receive positive energy when we speak to friends, families, and lovers. It is the process of sharing your experiences, thoughts, and emotions with another person that fills you with joy.

People as a whole are designed to work as a group rather than alone. Civilizations and cities are built by the mass of people than the work of one. Though introverts and extroverts have their boundaries set to how much socialization they can withstand, everyone needs time to speak to another human being.

Thus, make an effort to practice socializing on a daily occasion. Ask about the clerk’s life, get into your coworkers interests, and speak to more family members. It is easy to fall under the lifestyle of communicating with everyone over text messages and emails, but put in the effort to hear another person’s voice. Set out to see someone in person and make eye contact with them. 


Law 12:

Pace Yourself

When people are young, they feel like they have the power to do everything without a moment’s delay. They think of goals and dreams they want to accomplish, ways to arrange their lives, relationships they thrive for, and experiences they want to undergo.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself, but when you bury yourself with more things than you can handle, it will exhaust you. You grow tempted to want to give up and this lowers your standards for future goals.

Mentally strong people hold patience when thriving to reach their goals. They do not burden themselves by giving themselves impossible challenges. They take each day at a time and let life develop at their own pace.

Appreciate each piece of accomplishments whether it’s losing one pound, profiting one dollar, or eating one less piece of junk food. The more thankful you are for the little victories you achieve, the less likely you are to want to give up.

Thus, avoid the temptations of comparing yourself to other people. Do not live their lives or compare your challenges to them. Making your own move is the only thing you should keep progress on. Rather than questioning why someone’s business has more customers, think of ways to enhance your own customers experiences.


Law 13:

You Can’t Please the World

Never bother getting everyone to like you, for it is a hopeless battle you can never win. Although it’s human nature to want a place to fit in, never take the trap of trying to please everyone near you. Learn to say no when you’re uncomfortable. Learn to wear what you desire instead of what someone else prefers.

Mentally strong people never seek the approval of the world to take part of an interest. They are aware this is their life and they owe anyone anything in regards on how to live. To find the people who truly makes life worth wild, focus on the ones who make an effort to put a smile on your face.

As for the rest of the world, never waste unnecessary energy by trying to please them. Open up your generosity, but never do so because you want them to like you. Do so because you want to show your own positive reflections upon the world.


Law 14:

Read, ALOT

People will not make it far if they only rely on the information composed in their head. One of the main traits successful people have is the ability to read as much as possible. They put in an effort to read just as much as they do to eating and sleeping.

Mentally strong people constantly update their mind with information that pertains to their self development. They read the lives of those who lived before them and understand how they managed to defeat depression and gain the life they desired.

Conjure the willpower to read a book every week and learn how to cope with your emotions, deal with depression, and enhance your socializing skills. No man is perfect and each requires a periodic lesson to reduce life burdens.

Read a self-help book every week on ways to improve yourself. Read fiction to keep the imaginations running. Read history. Read on civics. Read laws. Read memoirs. Read everything.


Law 15:

Embrace the Art of Sympathy

Respect people as you would respect yourself. Although we live in a world that it’s easy to neglect those who have no relations to us, put in a small effort to understand what people might be going through.

The longer you neglect the emotions of what your boss, stranger, or even salesman might be going through, the more you view them as “objects” rather than people. You disconnect with people when you lose the interest of understanding the type of pain they might be going through.

Thus, before reacting to someone because of a rude act they did to you, truly look at the bigger picture. Perhaps they have an abusive relationship and they take their anger out upon the world. Perhaps someone is depressed and act rude to push others away from them.

Mentally strong people are cautious before reacting to anyone. They help those in need. They offer help to those who are too proud to ask others. They grin at strangers and wave to bystanders.


Law 16:

You do not have to always be right

Although being right may serve as a temporarily victory, it often sets people on a dark road if they use it the wrong way. For being right is no longer important if it means breaking a friendship or risking your job.

There are very few arguments that are worth standing for and even those will be pointless if the only results are negative impacts.

Mentally strong people make a mental note that they will not always be right nor will they always be wrong. Their point of view, feelings, thoughts and convictions will rarely comply with others unless convincing evidence is presented. They acknowledge when they are not right, and happily accept the truth whether they agree or not.

Keep in mind that you do not know everything and are not expected to know everything. You will be wrong occasionally and by openly accepting it, you will only grow wiser.

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