20 Free Websites That Will Triple Your Productivity


20 Free Websites That Will Triple Your Productivity

The internet. When you’re not wasting your time away on x-rated sites or ones that will forever haunt your dreams, there’s the classic ones that destroys your day of productivity.

Examples are YouTube, Reddit, and Pinterest. Yes, I’m aware these websites also have the potential to boost your productivity if used the right way. It’s like how Vicodin works. Under the right conditions, they can help eliminate your pain and discomfort. But if abused, they will have you sitting on the corner trying to get your fix.

For the majority of the population, when someone jumps on YouTube, their first spot isn’t an educational channel. The average person’s first choice is going to be something that’s entertaining, funny, or a how to jail break their iPhone. But when you’re pondering how to boost your productivity, these websites are dedicated to specifically target that subject.

1. TED

Learn from people who dealt with struggles, experts of certain fields, and people who can offer great life tips in videos under 20 minutes.

2.  Canva

If you enjoy designing book covers, design cards, flyers, or anything else that comes to mind, Canva lets you unleash your creativity. 

3. Codeacademy

Enjoy creating software or dabbing in website creation? Codeacademy helps anyone who wants to progress their programming skills online and how to create one of the best websites you can imagine.

4. Stumbleupon

Whatever you’re interested in, Stumbleupon is bound to have an entire section full of references for you. You’ll find useful tips how to cook, productivity skills, and a field full of choices.

5. Top Documentary Films

If you have a love for documentaries that range from biographies, comedy, conspiracy, crime, or science, come check out this website. With such a wide range of documentaries to choose from, you’ll have a hard time just deciding where to start.

6. Duolingo

You want to learn a new language so you could show off in front of someone or become bilingual? Even if you don’t want to be fluent in another language, it never hurts just dabbing into another language to get a basic understanding. In Duolingo, you can learn how to speak another language for free.

7. Litemind

Litemind is a great website to explore ways and methods to use your mind in the best way possible. Whether you want to boost your brain power, double your productivity, or overall become a better you, Litemind helps.

8. Fast Company

Fast Company is a great place to get into if you’re into business and ways to expand your business. With ideas ranging from what other businesses did to get to the top and what mistakes to avoid, you’ll bound to learn something useful the first 4 minutes you’re on here.

9. Makezine

Are you into DIY projects and being creative towards the technical side? Makezine is a website that teaches you how to do a variety of useful technical stuff with your computer, camera, or home.

10. Sporcle

Want to see how much you know your Disney Princesses, TV Shows, Geography, or science knowledge? Sporcle gives you a wide category of quizzes to take that you can play by yourself or with your friends.

11. Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers over 49,000 free eboks where you can download them or read them online. No fee or registration is required and you’ll love the range of subjects to choose from.

12. Coursera

Want to take a free course in Business, Computer science, math, or personal development? Coursera offers hundreds of specialization courses that can expand your skills and help you discover what you enjoy doing.

13. Just Get f.lux

F.lux is an application you can download on your computer and it changes the lighting and color so it makes it easier upon your eyes. Whether you use it in the day or at night, thie app makes it easier upon yourself.

14. CCI

If you struggle with procrastination, CCI offers a variety of great free resources to help you beat those habits. It teaches you about procrastination and strategies to overcome the problem.

15. Khan Academy

Thinking about taking a certain class or majoring in something? Khan Academy is a place to receive free education in nearly any subject you can think of.

16. Rainymood

Do you learn better at the sound of rain or a thunderstorm? Rainymood generates sounds and relaxing music that can set your mood at ease while working at the computer.

17. Mailinator

Want a throw away email you can use for a website that might give you spam? Mailinator gives you a throwaway email that can you delete as soon as you’re done with it.

18. Cold Turkey

Do you tend to distract yourself by going to websites that drains your productivity? Cold Turkey is an app that blocks the websites you list and set a time you can’t access them.

19. Rescue Time

Give yourself a time audit. Rescue Time helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive. Try it out at least once and your life will change.

20. Investopedia

Want to get a better idea on how to manage your money and invest? Investopedia provides resources to help you understand the financial market and the world of money.


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