12 Signs You’re Actually an Outgoing Introvert


12 Signs You’re Actually an Outgoing Introvert

You ever questioned whether you were an introvert or an extrovert? Like many people, you probably constantly question yourself about this. It’s like determining whether an anti-hero is really the hero of the story even after they just butchered up a body.

Perhaps you have days where you can’t speak to enough people and you have days where you want to hide from the world. Are you an introvert or are you an extrovert? Although I’d like to call the term Hybrid, the real name known for this type of behavior is ambivert. And as a possible ambivert, here are the 12 signs of an outgoing introvert.


1. You Don’t Shy Away From a Social Event If Invited

Although you have no problem with staying at home to either read a book or catch up on Netflix, you’re not afraid to go out with a group of people at a social event. Whether it be a club, a bar, or a party, you feel equally satisfied to do either that or stay at home.

Sure, it might take a little prep talk before you leave the house before you go to a party, but that’s only to escape the mentality of enjoying a comfortable evening to yourself.


2. But That Doesn’t mean You Enjoy the Traditional Social System

Although you enjoy the casual party or event you go to with someone, that doesn’t mean you necessarily enjoy going out anywhere in public. For instance, rather than spending an evening at a Company’s dining event, you’d rather stay at home under you blankets as you read a horror story.

This has nothing to do with being shy or too afraid to speak to people. It’s unnecessarily spending your time and energy on people you barely tolerate at work when you can do something more enjoyable instead.

But this just doesn’t point at your work colleagues. Any place where you’ll be forced to socialize with people you barely consider companions is a place you’d rather miss out on because you only have so much energy to spare on people.


3. Which Sucks whenever someone accuses you as an Extrovert

It’s difficult explaining to anyone that you’d rather enjoy your occasional Friday nights alone at home because they’re used to seeing you as the life of the party. After all, when you’re friendly and welcoming, you can easily be mistaken as an extrovert.

In people heads, you’re this person who wakes up in the morning wanting to party and socialize. And when you tell someone you’d rather spend some time alone, they mistakenly think you’re not interested in them anyone.

But understand that outgoing introverts are just introverts that have more energy to spare when it comes to socializing. They still need time to themselves to recharge their batteries.


4. You Enjoy Being Alone, Yet Surrounded

You still need your alone time, but sometimes in an unique way. As strange as it might sound, you can feel lonely whenever you’re the only one in the room. However, if you’re alone in a public place surrounded by people such as coffee shops or libraries, you feel good.

You feel comfortable to take out a notepad and draw. You feel relaxed to pull out a book and read while occasionally watching people do their own thing. You still don’t want anyone nearby to approach you, but you enjoy the comfort of being around them.


5. You Loved being Praised, but You’ll Never Ask for it

Unlike extroverts, who practically beg others to constantly praise them for their effort, outgoing introverts like to be praised without having to ask for it. They like being noticed for a short period of time for their achievements and hard work.

However, they only like that praise for a limited amount of time. They want the recognition without the constant spotlight being placed on them. The more unwanted attention that’s brought upon an outgoing introvert the more energy they have to waste putting up a good front. 


6. Dating Does Get Strange Sometimes

You ever confused the person you went out with because during that date, you were a great conversationalist and listener. You made them laugh and was an exciting person to be with.

However, for days a time, your texting response and interaction with them was heavily reduced. As a result, this caused your date to believe you were no longer interested in them.

But it’s not that you stopped liking them, but because you had to recharge your energy and be left alone. After all, you also have to account for all the times you had to communicate and engage with friends and family.


7. You See Yourself as a part of two worlds

You ever came across an interesting article about introverts and told yourself, “I totally relate to this.” But as soon as someone invited you to a social event, you felt excited to jump up and join? If you can relate to the great benefits of spending time to yourself while also embracing the benefits of socializing, chances are you’re an outgoing introvert.


8. You like to make Observations before Attacking

Like a scout, you enjoy engaging with a large crowd, but before you speak, you remain quiet as you listen to each person in the group. You get a perspective on what they might enjoy, what their history is, and who you’re possibly opening up to.

In a way, you’re examining possible people you won’t mind investing your energy on. Once you feel comfortable enough, you jump into the conversation to contribute whatever’s in your mind.


9. But That doesn’t mean you like small talk

Such as an introvert, an outgoing introvert still don’t like the idea of small useless conversations. If possible, they would avoid all small talk conversations such as the classic, “Hi” and “how are you”, “how was your weekend” or “what did you have for lunch.”

These are conversations that seem useless and lead nowhere. If you’re going to speak to someone, you actually want to gain something out of it. You want to explore the past, funny ideas, and interesting stories.


10. Which can Sometimes make people believe You’re Flirting with them

Since you usually like to have engaging conversations rather than boring ones, you can sometimes appear different than the average person. They assume since you’re digging into their life, you must be attracted to them.

As a result, they may either flirt back or back away if they’re already taken. Either way, if you’re used to being mistaken as being overly friendly, there’s a good chance you might be an outgoing introvert.


11. You like having a phone, just not for actual talking

You love having a phone because of your apps, camera, and other features, but you grow exhausted at the thought of speaking to someone over it. Although you put up a good presentation whenever you’re speaking to your friends or family on the phone, you dread the thought of constantly using it to communicate with people.

If you do have to speak to someone, you’d just rather do it in person. Whenever you have to speak on the phone to anyone, you waste more energy because you have no choice but to communicate through words.


12. Overall, You Love Your Personal Space

If you’re someone who enjoys going out with a group of close friends while also loving your own personal space, be proud of it. As an outgoing introvert you love the idea of socializing and having a good time with people close to you.

However, when you get overwhelmed by it, you become excited by the idea of being alone and do what you enjoy. Whether you like reading, writing, or creating memes, you don’t mind doing something by yourself because it gives you that time to think to yourself.

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