How to Avoid Emotional Arguments


How to Avoid Emotional Arguments

People seem to have less tolerance and patience today which creates unnecessary misunderstandings and results to emotional arguments and outburst.

To avoid emotional damage and improve communication between two individuals, it is vital to learn how to handle the heat of every argument, very often by simply taking a step back to remove the defensive-self and coming from a place of compassion.


Take Your Time to Cool Off

Very often when a heated argument arise, we lose control of our emotions. To cool down, recognize that you are losing control and focus on the physical sensations of anger.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, by turning your focus inwards, it will raise awareness of the state of mind and emotion you are in. Also try take deep, slow breathing as it helps counteract rising tension and lets your to rationalize the situation with logic than emotions.


Speak Softly and Towards a Solution

During an argument, it is important not to speak with a loud, aggressive or sarcastic tone. Instead, speak with a calm voice with the intention of finding a solution to work things out.

A loud voice tends to worsen the situation. When one starts to raise its voice, the other follows suit to be even louder. In the end, nobody wins and may turn into a screaming contest which damages the relationship and communication further.

Hence learn to handle your tone and manner with gentleness. Always reflect if your approach will be part of the problem or part of the solution.


Avoid Bringing Out Issues From the Past

People tend to bring out old similar issues in the argument and start pinpointing faults in the other. Perhaps the current issue reminds you of something in the past which has not been resolved within.

However it is crucial that you do not bring old matters to the present argument because it shows the unwillingness to forgive what has already happened and this could only adds fuel to the current burning fire.

While it may be difficult to push these feelings back, but by doing focusing on resolving the current issue, it can help save a relationship or communication breakdown.


Agree to Disagree

Occasionally, it may be unlikely that either of you or the other person would reach an agreement during an argument. Then this is where you will simply have to agree to disagree and part with the debate.

Learn to set a compromise to resolve your quarrel. At the end of the day, remember that it’s far more important to be happy than to be right. This way, you’ll have a blissful relationship and better communication arrangement with another.

How to avoid emotional arguments and explosion

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