12 Harsh Lessons That Makes Mentally Strong Introverts Stronger


12 Harsh Lessons That Makes Mentally Strong Introverts Stronger


#Harsh Lesson 1

The World Owes You Nothing

People sit in the house all day angry at the world for not giving them an opportunity or for life being unfair. They complain to everyone about how harsh life is or how bad the economy is, but do never do anything else. You can spend your entire life feeling sorry for yourself or you can step into the world and take what you want. Too many people feel sorry for themselves, make themselves victims and summon excuses as to why they can’t take action. Mentally strong introverts take control of the wheel by reading books, teaching themselves on what they need to do, learning from their mistakes, and moving on.


#Harsh Lesson 2

Don’t Allow Other People to Affect Your Mood

Men wait all day for a woman to respond back to their text. Women anticipate every second their boyfriend doesn’t call them. Everyone make pitiful excuses as to why they’re being ignored. But no one is ever too busy to respond to you. Whether it’s your text, a quick phone call, or your email, nobody is too busy to respond back to you. If you don’t hear back from someone, it’s because they choose not to respond to you. The sooner you stop making excuses for someone who isn’t responding to you, the quicker you’ll be able to move to someone who’ll make you their priority. Life is too short to spend on people who give you half of their attention.


#Harsh Lesson 3

Your Thoughts Don’t Define You. Your Actions Do

People think about what they want to do everyday. People want to start a business. People tell themselves they want to go to school. But rarely does anyone actually pick themselves up and take any action on their part. They daydream about their accomplishments rather than trying to achieve them. Although it is easier to imagine our biggest goals, it’s always worth it to know the results if you actually went out to make it a reality. In the end, it’s not about what you tell people or yourself what you’re going to do. It’s how to take action to achieve that goal despite whether you failed or succeed.


#Harsh Lesson 4

It’s Impossible to Truly Please Someone

No one knows what they want. Even if you tried to fulfill someone’s desires, you’ll discover that it’s an impossible task to achieve. Mentally strong introverts know it’s impossible to please everyone nor are they obligated to try. There will always be people who will disagree with either your beliefs, thoughts, or actions. You’re going to be criticized despite what you do. Mentally strong introverts concentrate on their own judgement and opinion.


#Harsh Lesson 5

People Will Always Have Their Own Best Interest at Heart

Despite how kind someone can be, they’re always going to be aware of their own needs more than yours. There is nothing wrong with that because chances are you’re the same way. But when mentally strong introverts notice people constantly pushing work onto them, they put a stop to it by showcasing their resistance. Unless you tell someone what your limits are, they’ll assume you can handle more and more tasks they give you. Mentally strong introverts know it’s up to them to let other people know what their boundaries are upon anything they set themselves to.


#Harsh Lesson 6

Don’t Rely on Others to Save You

It’s tempting to believe someone is going to come out of nowhere and save us from whatever situation we got ourselves trapped into. It’s easy to believe one day our soulmate is going to walk through our front door with open arms. Avoid thoughts like those because they poison the mind from ever wanting to act on its own. It believes you don’t have to take action because someone else is going to do that for you. Life does not work that way. This is what mentally strong introverts know. When times get tough and they want something, they seek out to find it instead of waiting for someone else to save them.


#Harsh Lesson 7

Don’t Concentrate on Other People Lives

Forget what other people around you are doing. Mentally strong introverts don’t look at other people lives and become jealous over what they have. No one can do better than you because no one is you. Everyone walk their own path and the only person you need to compete with is your past self. We obsess over how other people are doing better at us in wealth, status, or relationships when we should be focusing on ways to improve ourselves. Sometimes our biggest fear is that we might walk alone when that’s the exact thing we should be doing to keep ourselves focused on the bigger picture.


#Harsh Lesson 8

Release Any Resentment You Have

Mentally strong introverts don’t chase after the ghost from their past. Everything that happens in the past is nothing but a chapter we got over. Everyone has been hurt by their past decisions and by the decision of others. We hold experiences and nightmares that we think about constantly. We resent people who made have made life difficult for us. But resentment is a pain that does nothing but hurt ourselves. Mentally strong introverts release their resentment so they can focus on what they have to do now. Without forgiveness, you keep a gap open in your heart that will never be healed.


#Harsh Lesson 9

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment

Waiting for the perfect moment is what we tell ourselves when we don’t feel 100% ready. But the truth is you’re rarely going to feel 100% ready to do anything. Whether it’s jumping off a diving board, starting a business, or writing a book, you’re always going to have doubt and questions in your head. There is no such thing as the perfect moment whether it comes to finding a relationship, the perfect job, or the right business opportunity. Moments are what you make of them. Mentally strong introverts don’t sit around and wait for the planets to align themselves before they take action. They look at what they’re given and make the best of it. Our ability to grow depends on the way we’re able to handle imperfection moments.


#Harsh Lesson 10

Taking On More Than You Can Handle

Instead of making a big difference in the world, start with what’s around you. People always give themselves a goal too big for them to achieve and when they’re nowhere close to accomplishing it, they stop because they feel discouraged. Facebook wasn’t popular with the world overnight. It started off on college campuses and grew slowly from there. Instead of focusing on how you can target the entire world, focus on targeting the people in your life first. Then grow slowly from there.


#Harsh Lesson 11

Don’t be Discouraged From Your Mistakes

People are quick to give up the moment they fail or make a mistake. But mistakes and failures are very important lessons in life. With every mistake you make, you’re a step closer to achieving your goal. You learn about what you should and shouldn’t do next time. Mentally strong introverts don’t hesitate or doubt themselves when they want something. They get back on their feet and try again. Don’t think of it as failure. Think of it as you either learn something or you succeed.


#Harsh Lesson 12

Don’t Make Decisions Purely on Your Emotions

Decisions are misguided everyday because people react to how they’re feeling instead of a logical and rational decision. Making decisions on emotions have resulted in kingdoms being overtaken, companies being shutdown, and people making big mistakes. Despite how passionate a mentally strong person feels about a subject, if it isn’t rational, they avoid it. Someone may want to buy a Lamborghini because their heart says they love it and it’ll make them feel complete. But if that person doesn’t have the income to afford it, they’ll only regret it in the end. Don’t let emotions rule your intelligence.


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