The 16 Laws Mentally Strong Introverts Follow


The 16 Laws Mentally Strong Introverts Follow

Are you an introvert dealing with social anxiety, approach anxiety, or scared of rejection? Despite the variety of long lessons that can be explained, all it takes is a short reminders of a few important life lessons we often overlook.

Perhaps you’re overthinking the solution by questioning what you should be saying in certain situations. Despite what may be holding you back, a crucial rule in life to remember are the basic principles that mentally strong introverts follow.

Like mentally strong people, mentally strong introverts follow a set of similar rules that make life easier for them to follow. These 16 laws are meant for anyone dealing with insecurities or low self-esteem and want a quick solution to help them with it.


#Law 1

Enjoy Being Out Your Comfort Zone

Mentally strong introverts are not afraid to try something new. A part of everyone’s growth will be the way they react to many situations that tests their stress levels. For introverts, it may be speaking to more people, surrounding themselves in busy environments, or socialize more than 2 times a week. However, when mentally strong introverts face a situation they’re not familiar with, rather than run away from it, they view it as an opportunity to gain new experiences and learn more about themselves.


#Law 2

Be Grateful About Everything

Mentally strong introverts know one of the most important things to do is to thank everyone for what they give them. They are thankful for extroverts taking the role of speaking to people for them. They’re thankful to other people who understand the way they behave. Not only has it been scientifically proven that being grateful regularly increases someone’s happiness by a lot, other people will also be happier if they thank them for something that they did. Mentally strong introverts appreciate everything that is given to them, and to everyone because the they get back the more they spend it.


#Law 3

Embrace You Are Not Perfect

Mentally strong introverts are comfortable in their own skin. Despite what people may believe, humans don’t search for the perfect person. They search for people they could relate to and connect with. Introverts can connect with extroverts or introverts depending on the chemistry of the relationship. People who seek after perfect people struggle with insecurities and low self-esteem. Instead, what people prefer are confident people who are okay with themselves. Mentally strong introverts already know there will always be someone better at them at something. They know they’ll never be the best in the world. But their goal in life is to not be better than the rest. It’s to be the best version of themselves. 


#Law 4

There is Nothing Wrong With Rejection

Mentally strong introverts are okay with dealing with rejection because there’s a variety of reasons why it could happen other than their looks. Perhaps the other person wasn’t ready for a relationship because of personal issues. Maybe they were having a bad day and wasn’t in the mood to deal with them. Or maybe they just live a different lifestyle that doesn’t match up with them. Mentally strong introverts are grateful for rejections because that means they don’t have to worry about someone playing games with them, dragging an interaction that will eventually lead them no where. This then give them more time to meet new people. 


#Law 5

Live in the Present

Mentally strong introverts know they can only control the NOW because worrying about the past and future is pointless. If a mentally strong introvert approaches a woman and she rejects him, that moment is gone and will never return back to him. Or if she gives him her number, that moment is still gone and it’s up to him to determine what to do next with it. Either way, constantly dwelling about whether he should approach or not will do nothing for him other than waste his previous time. Mentally strong people do no fear the unknown future because it’s irrational. Thus, they take action to destroy pointless thoughts from conjuring up.


#Law 6

Walk With a Purpose

Mentally strong introverts believe they have a purpose in everything that they’re doing. Whether it’s walking, running, and talking, they place their entire body and mind behind what they’re doing. There’s no fear or second guessing because they’re confident they’ll know what to do if conflict arises. The confident introvert attract people when they inhibit their aura and makes it easier to persuade them.


#Law 7

Always Look on the Positive Side of Things

Mentally strong introverts avoid taking life so seriously and see every negative event as a positive. If someone rejects them, the mentally strong introvert sees it as an early escape from a bad relationship. If an introvert gets denied a job, they see it as an opportunity to find something even better. They avoid focusing on the negative things in life because it’s detrimental to their growth. If someone gets stuck in their past mistakes, they conjure a fake world that they can’t relive anymore.


#Law 8

Take Control and Be a Leader

The mentally strong introvert does not need permission from anyone. Not from extroverts or introverts. If they seek to do something, they do it. They’re never afraid to back down because they trust themselves. Despite what the rest of the world may think, they’re a lot smarter than they reveal. There’s moments where mentally strong introverts are given tough choices that can result in consequences, however they still take action rather than constantly question their decisions.


#Law 9

Forgive Yourself

Mentally strong people don’t beat themselves over a mistake they made in the past. It ruins their mood for not only themselves, but their friends and families. There’s been a point in everyone’s life that made them feel like a failure, but mentally strong introverts understand it’s important to forgive themselves to grow into better people.  


#Law 10

Avoid Comparing Yourself to Other People

Mentally strong introverts know happiness and inner peace from within, not comparing what they have to someone else. Comparing yourself to other people makes you appreciate the things you do have less. You stop concentrating on what you have to do to succeed as you remain envious of what someone else has. Mentally strong people always celebrate their friends success and happiness rather than envy them. Mentally strong introverts don’t become spiteful of their competition’s success and continue working on ways to build their own work.


#Law 11

LISTEN Genuinely to What the Other person has to Say

Mentally strong introverts make great impressions by being constantly interested in what the other person has to say. They initiate conversations by asking open-ended questions and listening to what the other person has to say. Rather than responding with, “That’s interesting,” and ask the next question they think about, they dig deeper into that last sentence to explore any words the other person said out of context.


#Law 12

Never Put Anyone on a Pedestal

Mentally strong introverts don’t put people on scales of value. They don’t consider someone more important whether they’re the CEO of a company or the Janitor. A confident introvert sees all humans on equal values because everyone has something to offer. They see everyone as human beings that have many weaknesses and insecurities that they have. They don’t change or filter themselves to gain anyone’s approval.


#Law 13

Be Outcome Independent

Mentally strong introverts have fun in any interaction they have. They understand the importance of being vulnerable, living in the present, and not taking life seriously. They are not afraid to tell inappropriate jokes they find funny, do things that make them laugh and overall enjoy themselves. Their endless joy is what attract people to them. They are not afraid to receive judgment from other people nor are they afraid of offending anyone. There are too many people in the world to be afraid of one person’s criticism.


#Law 14

Be 100% Vulnerable

Mentally strong introverts are not afraid to say what they’re thinking about if they have a value they believe in. Although they will feel vulnerable because what they say will be 100% true and can be challenged by someone who opposes it, it’ll show you’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind. 


#Law 15

Learn to Be Funny

Mentally strong people are aware they don’t have to be the funniest person in the world. They simply have to commit to their jokes and never take themselves too seriously. Most importantly, they concentrate on making themselves laugh versus the entire world. Laughter already draws people in because of the energy it possess and if it’s combined with your energy, there’s always an 80% chance others will join along. Whether it be via talking in person, texting, or communicating with their face, mentally strong introverts always find ways to entertain themselves. 


#Law 16

Be High Energy

Mentally strong people pump themselves up with the natural joy of life with exercise, music, and hobbies. They’re not afraid to look into the mirror full of excitement. They wake up not worrying about the negatives, but focus on the positives they have to look forward to that day. If they hate their job, they don’t concentrate on what they hate about their job. They focus on the people they can’t wait to see there or the best ways to grow as a human there. They’re always more likely to enjoy their day because they continue their positive vibes and see what they can offer the world that day.


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