You Are An Introvert Brand and Why You Need to Label Yourself


You Are An Introvert Brand and Why You Need to Label Yourself

There’s a loop in our brains that constantly remind us who we are. People mainly identify themselves by their religion, race, ethnic, sexuality, or gender. There’s even people who even identify themselves as cats. You get the point.

Despite the thousands of ways that we can brand ourselves as, there’s usually only 1 – 2 brands that we mainly refer to ourselves as.

A typical person in Japan could brand himself as being Japanese as his neighbor brand himself as being an extrovert. That guy’s brother can brand himself as being asexual and his sister can brand herself as being emo. Everyone brand themselves with a certain category of people they relate with most.

When you think of yourself as a human being, which group of people do you usually associate yourself with? For me, it’s the nerds. I know if I approach any group of nerds playing a card game, a RPG, or video game, I will instantly get along with them because I know how to connect with those kind of people.

There’s a good chance you brand yourself as mainly an introvert if you’re on this site. You may find it easier to spend time with introverted strangers who like to remain silent, read books, and perform solo activities with each other.

Whatever you like to call yourself, your life always revolve around that brand and your personality dictates from it. If you brand yourself as a shy person, you’re more likely to develop timid traits because you’ve already accepted that’s who you are.

People who brand themselves as extroverts find it easier to speak to other people and attend social events because they’re already living that belief in their heads of what an extrovert does. Psychologists call this the self-fulfilling prophecy because of the correlation loop-back between beliefs and behaviors. 

Unlike any other species on this planet, humans brand themselves into a group of people they relate with most for communicating purposes. This goes beyond the idea of people relating to others simply because of race or gender. There are cases where someone will feel more comfortable with a basic trait of similarity with someone else such as their race or religion, but it only goes so far.

Someone can state they enjoy eating burgers without going any deeper than that. But there’s hundreds of burgers to choose from, which makes it harder for him to find the right one for him. He might be someone who only enjoy simple cheeseburgers, but it’ll be difficult to find that if he’s constantly trying out double bacon cheeseburgers, spicy plain burgers, and the triple threat burger.

As a man, I can’t simply connect with a group of random men I meet on the streets because I might not share their interests or hobbies. I’ll have to personally engage with each man to find which one I identify with, which takes too much time and energy for my introverted self. Which brings up the importance of labeling yourself.


Once You Develop a Brand, Make a Label for Yourself

Labels are traits that we identify with. An introvert can label themselves as an musician or athlete if that’s what they enjoy the most. We all have different labels and there’s no shame in admitting what you’re attracted to because there’s no doubt there’s an entire community of people devoted to it. Trust me. Even if you believe you’re an animal trapped in a human body (known as species dysphoria), there’s Forums for it.

Labels are channels that attract people to each other because of the similarities they share. Labels connect people with hobbies and characteristics that usually share the same viewpoints. If I meet someone who likes to play Trading Cards, then chances are they also enjoy puzzles and anime.

It’s why people who enjoy comic books enjoy spending time with strangers who enjoy the same thing. Maybe through their love for comic books they’ll discover they also have a love for drawing and creating stories. It’s why people who enjoy sports can have a great time together even if they have no idea who they are. Maybe through their love for sports they can develop a Fantasy Football team together.

I have a huge fascination with trading card games and whenever I visit a gaming convention, I can easily walk into a crowd of those kind of people and get along with them. What’s great is that I don’t even have to say anything when I spend time with them. I enjoy listening to the new cards they placed in their decks, and any news that’s occurred for any trading card game I’m involved with.

Now here’s the gist. The way you label yourself is what sets you on the path you want. However, if you don’t label yourself, someone else will. And when people get labeled by others, they usually accept it and live their life based on those beliefs.

There’s children who grow up believing they’re idiots because people had labeled them that way throughout their life. I once met a gorgeous woman who branded herself as ugly because she was told that as a child.

I’m sure you’ve seen people who dressed with sagging pants, no shirt in the store, or very thug-like. If that person was labeled as a thug throughout their life, the chances that they’ll behave that way skyrockets because they begin seeing themselves that way.

Although some people don’t care about what others think or say about them, they should. Not because they should care about other people opinions, but because perception is everything when it comes to ourselves.

The way you label yourself in public is what cause others to think of you when you first step into a room. Perception is what helps gain people favors and attract people to your sight. It’s what sets you apart from your coworkers. It’s what capture that cute girl’s eyes. A suited man will always gain the favor of the public when compared to a man with sagging pants and an oversize T-shirt.


What Do You Label Yourself As?

Companies aren’t the only entities that need to develop a brand for themselves to capture people attention. People need to develop brands for themselves too. Brands are how we perceive and feel about a product. When you step into a supermarket, chances are you’ll be more likely to buy a name brand cereal instead of a generic one you see next to it.

Image result for generic cereal vs name brand

Although both cereals can taste nearly the same, you’ll be more comfortable with the branded one because it already has your awareness and approval. It’s been presented to you in a more presentable way through marketing campaigns and commercials than the cheaper version of it. This is why brands can get away with charging twice the amount than what genetic products do. People will still purchase a brand product simply because it’s the popular choice among the public.

You are a product, and unless you brand yourself as the prized introvert you are, you’ll fall into the countless amount of generic products in this world. You have a distinct look and feel that’s different from anyone else in history, but unless you show that perception no one will know. 


The Art of Branding Yourself

You like coffee? Let’s use coffee as an example. If you layout a regular cup of coffee and a cup from Starbucks next to each other, it’ll be difficult for most people to tell the differences unless there was some fancy label on them.

But the moment you reveal to someone which cup was from Starbucks, people suddenly get a feeling of superiority and luxury from it. Even if both cups of coffees tasted the same, a majority of people will still claim the cup from Starbucks taste better simply because of where it originated from. And if you don’t believe something like this can happen, this video below can prove it.

So how can someone create this effect? Starbucks doesn’t act as a jack-of-all trades because it’s not a smart strategy. They didn’t rely on large marketing strategies to get them where they are today. All they needed was word of mouth to become the giant franchise they are today.

Starbucks is smart in one area, which was upgrading their coffee beverages with other supplies such as whip cream, caramel syrup, and cocoa powder. It was making their coffee look luxurious than any other coffee brand out at the time.

By improving the qualities of their drinks with a variety of flavors, Starbucks had outmatched their competitions who only sold basic coffee beverages with cream and sugar. People enjoyed showing their fancy drinks to their coworkers and friends. People wanted to fell superior to others by creating a cult-like movement for their drinks.

Be like Starbucks and focus on a specific part of yourself that makes you different than anyone else in your branding category. Be someone who others would want to brag about knowing. Be someone who can be the main character of any stories they tell their friends. 

This might be the tough because there’s over a million ways you can make yourself different from the crowd, and 99% of those ideas will be dumb. But once you understand the people you’re targeting, it becomes easier to focus on what strength you want to showcase.

If you label yourself as a fiction reader, you can make yourself different by claiming you’re a leader at understanding the hidden puzzles in popular young adult novels. If you relate to sports, you can be known as the person who is an expert at understanding which teams will win based on their players.

When you categorize yourself with a label, identify what the average person does in that group and target a way to make yourself standout in it.


But Why Make Yourself a Label?

People are seen and forgotten every second of the day. I bet you don’t remember 99% of the people you came across with today because there was nothing about them that stood out to you. But there was probably that one woman who wore something you found attractive. Or maybe you encountered someone who was so intelligent it surprised you.

When we forget people, we throw them out of our lives forever and concern ourselves to someone who interest us. Sounds cold, but we’re humans with short attention spans.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you want to stand out to people in a good light because you gain an advantage to life that way. If you remain hidden in the dark forever, it makes it difficult for bosses to promote you despite the hard work you performed because you’ll only be just somebody else they easily forget about during their day.

If you mark yourself as a generic person, you make it difficult to find romance because you’re just another boring stranger in someone’s head. The moment you mark yourself as a regular introvert who wants to be ignored by the rest of the world is the moment you make life unnecessarily difficult for you.

I’m not saying you have to speak to everyone you encounter because that’s exhausting in itself, but don’t make yourself boring either. Find something about yourself that makes you interesting and sell it like no one else does.

As an introvert, you don’t have to buy the whole world through conversations and gestures because you’ll faint. Just focus on the people you want close to you in your life and sell yourself to them.

You can brand yourself as an Introvert, but label yourself as a Painter. This then allows you to focus on the subject of painting, famous painters, and different styles of painting. The more you understand and toy with painting, the more likely you get involved with other people who love art and it gives you a central point of discussion.

If you want to be an introvert who spark other people attention the moment you walk into a room, label yourself by wearing fitting clothes, a sharp look in your appearance, and a focused mindset on what you wish to convey to the rest of the world.

For me, what captures people attention the most is my ability to share random facts I read about. This helps me avoid small talk that’ll do nothing but drain my energy and exhaust me.

Everyone love speaking about fascinating subjects the average person doesn’t discuss whether it’s about new technology, science discoveries, or mad social experiments that happened centuries ago. Although I’m an introvert who prefer to be left alone most of the time, it’s my ability to make the conversations I get into interesting because I speak about extraordinary topics.

You don’t have gain the world’s attention because most of the time, introverts don’t care about it or want it. But present yourself in a way that makes you interesting and presentable not only to gain people approval by just your sight, but also give you the advantage you need to get ahead.

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