I understand how hard it can be to be an Introvert.

This extroverted world is a very crazy place and at times, we ask ourselves, “am I alone” “Do people care about me” “Am I growing” “why do I exist”.

These are the tough questions we ask ourselves daily as we compare ourselves to other people, reflecting our lives to theirs, and fantasizing where we should be at.

It can be difficult to discover our motivation so we could continue towards our passion because we’re too concerned about other aspects we come across such as our job, children, or finances.

Stress gets in the way and we turn our positive emotions into negatives ones. We end up isolating ourselves from others and start imagining the world as an evil place that we’re trapped on.

To give a brief summary about myself, I’m an introvert. Although I still suffer from a variety of questions that haunt me daily, I used to be plagued by a multitude of questions about myself, about how to socialize with other people, and how to survive in this extroverted world.

An Introverts, we sometimes feel alone and it’s hard to walk when you carry the burden of others. It becomes difficult when other people problems get placed on your shoulders, or if life feels overwhelming.

These are the challenges we face when aiming to achieve our dreams. Nearly every Introvert has a passion to do something incredible. Even for people who don’t know what their passions are, their current passion is just trying to discover what they want to do or be in life.

This is a sincere question that I constantly get asked. People question why they were placed in this world, what they need to do to overcome shyness, and how could they achieve true happiness.

True happiness is not receiving a large income, or showing off your toys and wealth. It’s the ability to continue progressing yourself while helping those around you. By contributing to these two factors, you’ll be able to push past that depression which clouds your head daily.

I know what I say isn’t enough to change someone’s mindset. Especially when they’ve been fed their entire life that life was about gaining money, power, and fame.

But when we truly look deep within our hearts, we know money isn’t going to give us happiness. It may lighten our burdens and give us the capability to do things other people can’t, but it won’t fill that hole that’s in our souls.

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