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Even I admit there are way TOO many articles on this website to determine which one to read first. So below is what people consider the best articles this site has to offer and really made an impact on their lives. Choose between Lifestyle, Relationships, Depression, and Health.



25 Best Self Development Books to read in your 20s – Best post to start off when searching for a book to get you ahead of the other people you know

16 Life Rules Mentally Strong People Practice – One of the top Lifestyle articles about getting ahead in life

What to Do When you Feel Like You Wasted Your Life Away – An article that’s consider the restart button of life on this site.

The Problem with Searching For Your Passion – Find out what you should really focus on instead of what your passion is.

11 Popular Self-Development Books For Introverts – The best books targeted just for introverts.



How to Understand an Introvert You’re in a Relationship With – One of the most popular articles in relationships. And for good reasons.

30 Questions To Have Someone Attracted To You – Want to discover how to psychologically make someone attracted you with a few simple questions?

How To Easily Keep a Conversation Going As an Introvert – What can you say after a simple “hello, how are you” while also keeping the other person’s interest?

The Introvert’s Guide To Seduce Someone – Discover your next partner by using the best characteristics that an introvert has to offer.

How to Not Betray Your Introverted Self When Searching For Love – We all want to find love, but don’t betray who you are just to find it.



Skin Hunger: 3 Compelling Ways to Overcome Loneliness – People need human contact. But discover how to make that possible in life.

How to Defeat Your Inner Critic – People are most critical upon themselves, but not if we add a certain plot twist into our lives.

The Adult Guide to Overcome Loneliness and Make Friends – We need friends. Simple as that. Here’s the best guide to help make that possible.

Why you REALLY hate your job and What to do about it – Thinking about quitting your horrible job? Sounds good, but first, here’s a logical point of view you must consider.

The Subtle Art of Going Out Alone and Loving It – It can be hard for some people to go out alone, but when you look at it THIS way, you’ll never think the same way again.



How to Start Running: A Beginner’s Guide – Everyone wants to be a runner, but this shows you how to actually become one the easiest way possible.

Musician Reveals 5 Ways How Music Changes Your Life – Music has a major effects on introverts and here’s evidence from an interview with a popular musician.

Meditation: A Beginner’s Guide on How to Meditate – Learn mindfulness and the way to stop worrying about your problems and live in the moment

The 7 “Don’ts” to Follow When Establishing a Healthy Lifestyle – The basic, but most important, principles when you had enough “guilty” pleasures you know you should avoid.