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“I’m not here to make you do things you don’t want to. I’m here to show you how to do things you thought you couldn’t.”

Are you an Introvert looking for a place that understands you and offer ways to make it easier to get by in the world?


On michaelgregoryii, you’re given over 100 different articles that could brighten your day and future. I go over topics related to love, relationships, self development, mindfulness, and learning to embrace yourself.

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What is michaelgregoryii?

As an introvert, I understand the difficulties of getting by in this world. Unlike centuries ago, where introverts easily got by with only needing to speak to a few people, we’re now forced to occasionally act like extroverts. And the harsh truth is that we live in an extroverted world. But does that mean there’s nothing we can do about it? Heck no.

Here, we’re here to help you discover how powerful you could be once you apply your mind to it. Everyday, humans face so much negativity that we forget how to act in a positive notion.

That is what cause people to stop chasing after their dreams, stop their motivation and set them on a dark path. There are a variety of articles on this website that will awaken your inner conscious and start living with a positive state of mind.

And like food and water, it’s not meant to all be devoured within the first day or even week. It takes a gradual process you’ll master overtime. Your body is a temple that has to be worked on daily before noticing the changes taking effect.

The self development course has to be taken in baby steps and trying to force success is a plan that never works. And if it does, it never lasts longer that people would like. When you give yourself a self development plan, it gives you a good idea on how to face life mentally.

That’s why whenever someone watches motivational videos or read motivational books, though they feel motivated to do anything that moment, when they step away from it, whether it takes an hour or a day, they crumble their path of self development.

This world could be a tough and scary place and we sometimes forget we are not alone. We think everyone is out to get us and that we shouldn’t trust anyone. And to a degree, that is true.

You shouldn’t hand your trust to just anybody, but that doesn’t mean shutting everyone out of your life too. Sometimes the only way to have a change of heart is by observing the goodness of others. Because once they see the good deed they’ve done, they realize what it truly means to be human.

People are genuinely good despite how difficult it is to believe. Everyone wants to help someone because we know that it’s right. In our hearts, we want someone to help us when we’re down.

As I continue to build my website, the major reflections I want my viewers to feel are a sense of self development and:

  • Love yourself and others- Listen to your intuition and learn to hear what your body is telling you when it needs something. Learn to read other people so you can help them as well and defeat the darkness that’s in their souls.
  • Trust in others– One of the hardest traits for people is to share their trust with others. Many of us have already shared our trust with people and was hurt when it was broken. Therefore, it makes giving out your trust to others that much more difficult. On this site, I want to make it my goal to help you levitate those feelings.
  • Power in themselves People have the power to accomplish just about anything they set their heart to. However, their biggest enemy will be themselves and the negative thoughts they face daily. So through my context, you will learn to close those negative thoughts and push through them to achieve your desires.
  • Authority in their life- No other human but you can truly determine what your destiny will be. People like to assume they have ‘power’ over you, but they don’t. They may be in a position of authority in a field you’re part of, but never mistake that for them having any powers over your mind. Nobody in this world is capable of forcing you to do anything against your own free will.
  • Courage towards the world- This world is a scary place and we often shove aside our personal beliefs because we fear what the rest of the world will think of us. But this is not only a site to learn how to control those fears, it’s a place where you can truly feel like yourself. You shouldn’t have to worry about what other people think of your personal thoughts. They have no right to care and you shouldn’t allow their judgments to affect you to the very slightest because in the end, they can’t do a single thing to you.
  • Honor in everyone- On this site, you learn to be yourself and find your inner purpose. But don’t stump on the world like everyone else. Learn to help others without expecting anything in return. Learn to show people happiness and love rather than bitterness and hate. People don’t like to be fed poison, so learn to give them bread and water instead.
  • Commitment towards everything- It’s easy to start something new because it’s exciting and you’ve never done it before. But as time pass and the activity becomes redundant, difficult, or you see no progress, it’s easy to give up. By learning from this site, you will adapt the mindset that you’re in a sink or swim situation. You will learn to move your arms and legs so you could make it back to shore and become stronger.

By the time you leave this site, I want you to be in a better place in your self development so that you could share your knowledge with other people like you. You will be the teacher who will go out into the world and share the information you’ve obtained.