An Introvert is ignoring me

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Lunar asked 3 months ago

Dear Michael,I’m talking with this guy and he’s an introvert. I’m reallt in love with him but I can’t help but think he doesn’t want to talk to me. Whenever I send him a text, he would leave me on read or just not even read it all. I know introvert’s need their time, but will there ever be a time he will text me first? I texted him before and it almost took him a week to reply to me (because I sent him a text a week after). Does he not like me? If so, how can I make him like me? He sends me so many confusing signals. May you please recommend me help or guidance?Sincerely, Lunar

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Julie answered 2 months ago

My name is Julie, and I am a MAJOR introvert. I think this “introvert” your talking to/dating is kind of just being a [email protected], I definitely LOVE my time alone. And I mean LOVE my time alone. But I don’t not answer people’s text back and forth. That’s just rude. Not only that, it seems he is making you doubt yourself, and that is NOT COOL. And true introverts are considerate people, we are humble, sensitive to the needs of others and we do not like to make people go out of their way for us. This guy sounds like a jackass that doesn’t deserve your time and it seems like he is playing you. Just my opinion.

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