How can I study for multple hours before I get tired?

Introvert Q&ACategory: Self DevelopmentHow can I study for multple hours before I get tired?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I’m having difficulties with trying to stay motivated whenever I try to study anything. What can I do to fix that problem?

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MonicaMonica answered 2 years ago

If it’s for an exam, I would suggest making a plan based on the content that you want to cover, instead of saying you want to study for a certain number of hours a day.

If your aim is to learn about a subject for self-fulfilment or improving your own skills, I would also suggest making a plan based on what exactly it is that you would like to cover.

Once you’ve defined your aim, you will probably find out that it shouldn’t take 10 hours of daily studying to cover your topic. If you feel it will take over 10 hours of studying daily, here are some ‘study-hacks’ that should help:

Use different forms of content. If you’ve been assigned certain books to read, try and listen to the audio-book whilst going for a walk instead. There may be videos on YouTube that are specifically made for your revision. Both of these types of content can easily be sped up, which will save you time or, alternatively, give you more time for studying.

Invest in your study-skills. There are tons of MOOCs on Udemy (paid) and Coursera (free) which go over the best practices for revision. I would definitely recommend it. You can learn to speed-read and the best exam-preparation practices as well. THIS IS THE ONE THING YOU HAVE TO DO!

On average, a human can fully-concentrate for 15-25 minutes. Take advantage of this and your need to get your blood flowing & body moving, by doing some form of movement/exercise every 20 minutes.

Enjoy your studying. Try and trick your psyche into becoming passionate about your subject, although I am hoping that you already are passionate about it, seeing as you want to study for 10+ hours daily!

Stay hydrated, eat well, exercise and practice mediation. These are all activities which will improve neuroplasticity in your brain.

HAVE NAPS! Naps are not only the most enjoyable thing to do at 3 in the afternoon, but they help you consolidate short-term memories into long-term memories. A short 20 minute nap has huge benefits!

Lastly, make sure you are actually learning. Practice re-call every 20 minutes, before you have a break. If you don’t remember much, that means your brain is fried and needs a break.

John answered 2 years ago

I’m not a cognitive scientist but for me, my subjective experience is that I learn more by studying a limited number of topics for a longer duration of time especially if I’m interested in what I’m studying. I believe protracted periods of absorption are cumulative and synergistic. Conversely, it feels inordinately taxing and even a bit disorienting to repeatedly dismantle and reassemble my cognitive energies as I switch from topic to topic from hour to hour.

Brian answered 2 years ago

A lot of people who really like studying do not necessarily study for multiple hours on end with no interruptions. Perhaps it is advantageous to do so; perhaps that’s what the best people do; I’m not sure if that’s the case, nor do I know how to actually do it. But I think it is fine to take a break every hour, if you find yourself becoming tired.

The other thing is that if you’re fully engaged with what you’re doing, you enter the flow state and don’t notice the passage of time. Ideally, you should try to spend as much time as possible in the flow state when you are studying. To enter flow, you have to be doing something that’s not so easy as to bore you, nor so hard as to discourage you. (Now, if you are being forced to memorize the steps of the coagulation cascade or something like that, I don’t know what to tell you. I suspect that many people use drugs—perhaps caffeine, or perhaps something “harder” like ritalin.)

Jorge answered 2 years ago

Find a quiet place.
Choose 1 or 2 subjects that you want/ need to study.
Decide what time are you available to study. Choose periods with minimal interruptions eg. Early morning between 4 to 6am OR 3pm to 5pm OR night. This part depends on your habits and your level of concentration/attention throughout the day.
I usually picked early morning to study and memorise things. And afternoon to summarize subjects like History. I did change this schedule after 4 years (because I got tired of waking up that early) and started doing night sessions to study math etc.
The fact is that dividing my study sections in 2 parts always worked. I was studying about 4-5 hours a day without noticing it. After sometime you get used to it and can add more subjects to study in the same time period.
The secret here is consistency. Study monday to friday every morning and add the afternoon sessions dependeing on your needs to pick up new material. And also, do intervals when you feel like losing focus.

Be brave to try it. You will see results very fast.

Alcollorp answered 6 months ago

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sparkreason answered 4 months ago

Look we are going to get this shit under control.

1st off. You are capable. Let’s get that straight, and don’t give me or yourself any excuses. You are fucking capable.

2nd. Get pissed. I mean it pissed off. You deserve better. That’s right you. Time to get selfish. This is your life and it isn’t going to get better unless you do something about it, and you are fucking going to do something about it because you are worth it.

3rd. The race is with no one but yourself. It’s long, and it isn’t about anyone but you.
4th. Get up early in the morning. Don’t stay up late. You need your rest and you need to attack the day. Go to bed like midnight. Straight up gremlins rules. You want to be rested and ready to go so be in bed by 11:30. No caffeine after 9:00 PM.

When your alarm goes off feet hit the floor. Immediately it’s the best trick I ever learned. Alarm off. Feet hit floor. You are up.

Next thing you do is exercise. Cardio for 30 minutes. That’s all you need. Walk around your dorm/apartment complex. Go to the track. Ride your bike. Just move. You want to move forward than you have got to move.

Eat a good breakfast. This is your fuel for the day. Your body is the most valuable thing you own. Put premium petrol in that motherfucker.

Success is about doing the small things consistently to improve. There is no other blueprint. People look at the big picture and then look at their life and that’s where discouragement happens. Fuck the big picture. Focus on the small things you can control and the big picture will come into focus. If you try to chase greatness you will never catch it because you aren’t chasing the right thing. Chase effort. Effort leads to results, chase effort and greatness will start chasing you.

Focus on doing the small things and developing strong routines. Study, go to tutoring/study groups. Fuck that introvert shit this is about learning, and your mind needs nourishment.
Get pissed at video games. Get rid of steam, sell your xbox / console. Uninstall all that stuff. You know what you are missing? Fucking nothing. You will be missing a time sinkhole of button mashing where buttons are pressed and nothing ever really is accomplished as there is another game and another game and another game. Fuck that shit. Your life and time are valuable, and only things that grow you as a person will hold your attention.

Eat lunch and keep hydrated, eat snacks like almonds and things for extra boost.
Chunk down large tasks into small manageable bites. You have to read 12 chapters. Set an hour for two chapters. Break for 10 minutes. Write down what you learned. Go into hour two the same way. Break things down into small chunks and smash the fuck out of them. Let that momentum build.

Be obsessed with doing the small things well and be passionate about challenges. No Pressure, No Diamonds. Embrace adversity and be passionate to show yourself that you are mother fucking baller and can get shit done. Setbacks happen, but it isn’t about the setback… it’s how you respond to it. Do you tuck your tail between your legs, fuck no you don’t. You get after it harder.

Do all this. Build on it daily. Start small, chunk it down, and be excited about the opportunity and you will be doing amazingly well.

You’ll be getting good grades, being accomplished, and fucking bitches in no time.

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