I told my friend who is an Introvert that I like him,now we don’t talk anymore

Introvert Q&ACategory: RelationshipsI told my friend who is an Introvert that I like him,now we don’t talk anymore
Taylor asked 4 months ago

September 2016, I told my friend who is an introvert that I liked him. He said he wanted to still keep the relationship, so we did. He still kept in contact with me, and I tried to as well. There were certain moments he would touch me or say something, maybe I was over reacting. On New Years Eve, I’m not sure if it was the alcohol but I drove him home, I thought he was going to leave but he decided to stay and talk in my car. I was falling asleep in my car and he placed his head against mine. He called my name as if he wanted me to look up, but didn’t cause I knew that would result into a kiss; and I was scared. Because he had rejected me already, I didn’t want to kiss him to make our relationship awkward. We said goodbye and that was it.There were other moments in 2017 as well, so I asked a friend who is really close to him and they said you should ask him straight out. So I did, I asked him if he wanted to be more than friends, because those moments together. But he rejected me again, he said he like me but wanted to remain friends. After that we stopped talking, we can’t even speak to each other in person. And now he is spending more time with my friends girlfriend and I feel like I’ve been replaced.Should I just leave our relationship how it is and just have time figure itself out. Or should I just talk to him about it, if I do that I feel as if he won’t speak about it.

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Julie answered 2 months ago

How old are you guys??? You must be 21 or over if there was alcohol involved right??? Because reading this it kind of sounds 7th grade. No offense, I really don’t mean any offense, but, come on!!! If you two are adults, talk to the guy, and if he has already rejected you a couple times then the answer is clearly no. And if the guy doesn’t want anything more, and he is being immature about everything then why do you want to be friends with him anyway. You should want to be the bigger person, and he should be the one writing on here upset about it, not you.

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