i wasted my life

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JJ asked 4 months ago

my life is wasted i came to this country in my twenty hope to gain the america dreams but i was deniel my green card i was useless doing what am not supposed to do now i want to die my my daughter kelsey who will take care of her for me , am useless can,t do anything i really hate myself now , i don,t know what to do am just tired the only way now is death let my soul rest in peace, please if you are reading this please my daughter should not suffer please am tired . i cant even send her to school i wish i will stay to see her grow but i have toi go my life is a waste am really ashame of myself i wish i stay but is hard good bye kelsey i love you and will always love you. i can,t go back to nigeria like this nothing there for me . bye bye i love you

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