Overcoming loneliness

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Dolores asked 3 weeks ago

I am 45 years old. I have no friends left cause most of them are married and they just drifted away… I do not have time to seek friends on the net cause I have to take a very difficult test in June related to my job. And once people turn forty and you are alone,, people seem to get away from you cause they think you are going to invade their privacy or lives… On top of that, I have a mom, a sister and a niece but I hate my brother in law for some specific reasons I prefer not to tell cause it would be boring for u I do not mind going alone to some places but sometimes I miss connection but it feels like it is getting more and more difficult…. As an introvert, I should focus on reading or my studies but I have a slight depression.. And sometimes it is not easy to concentrate…. Have any of you experienced something similar??? What helped you?

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