What should I do when I'm feeling sad or negative?

Introvert Q&ACategory: DepressionWhat should I do when I'm feeling sad or negative?
MonicaMonica asked 2 years ago

It’s strange, but for random times of the day I feel depressed and hopeless. It’s like I can’t do anything and I just want to be left alone. I hate feeling like that, but I’m not sure how I can stop those feelings.

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Ashley Belle answered 2 years ago

Hi Monica!

Sometimes I’ll write in a journal about my sadness, to get it out of me, possibly creating something if not beautiful, at least honest.

I sometimes take myself out. Wear nice clothing. I’m actually a pretty good date. I take myself to a great winebar where friends will give me hugs.
I might take a trip to anywhere that has nature. Listen to the wind sing through the cottonwood trees.
I might play with my neighbor’s dog and soak up some unconditional love.
I might cry.

Either way, try to release those sad or negative thoughts whenever they approach you.

jpals answered 11 months ago

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Terrance answered 4 months ago

I asked myself these same questions so many times over the years. You have to recognize that “depression” can often be an umbrella term for many types of depression. Some peoples depression is more constant, others are intermittent, other have intense down periods intermingled with intense happy periods, and others still have a more long term and constant but less intense drop in mood, activity, etc.

There are tests you can take, surveys to fill out and such, but I always felt they were like when people go to WebMD and come back always thinking they’re gonna die. You could also talk to a professional to get they’re opinion, but really I think the best way to determine if you’re depressed or not is by deciding yourself.

This can be tough (like I said, I struggled with it for years having known people with actual diagnosed depression), and for me took until I reached a breaking point and utterly fell apart.

It was then that I opened up to my friends about how I felt (until then only 2 other people knew, 1 of them had only known for a few months and the other was my ex who had just broken up with me… hence the breakdown) and had to admit that I was almost certainly depressed and that how I had been handling it was not working anymore and something had to change, so I vowed to get some help. And when I did, the counselor confirmed my thoughts about being depressed (which was oddly comforting in its own way) and assured me that I was not “just being a whiney little bitch”.

Another thing to think about that I saw posted here some time ago is this:

At times when you are happy, does the fact that there are people out there with much more wealth, success, and a generally more “perfect” life make it so that you’re not allowed to really be happy? Then why should the fact that there are people who appear far worse off than you keep you from being “allowed” to be sad?

I hope some of this helped, and I hope and believe you can get through this. If my story sounds at all familiar or relatable to you, it might bring you some hope to know that things have really started to turn around for me, and I believe they can for you too. Of course if you have any questions or just and urge to talk (about anything at all really) don’t hesitate to send a PM.

Eduardo answered 3 months ago

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JustAnotherPottHead answered 2 months ago

So, this might not be good advice, but this is what I do.
When I’m feeling the negative vibes bogging me down, I just…live with it. Sometimes, even cherish it. To me, feeling negative isn’t always negative. It lets you see a lot of things in a new light as if your perspectives on things change.

If that’s not your type of thing then you could always write a journal entry about it. If you’re an artist, then let those negative thoughts turn into a creative outlet. Make a poem or an illustration. How to deal with the negatives definitely depends on who you are as a person.

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