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A Step by Step Guide to Become a Personal Development Master


Stop second guessing yourself and start taking action.


Despite how hard you work on your self development, you’re going to have times where you want to give up. So how do you keep on track with your goals?

Since I was a child, I have seen people throughout my life who wanted to do something but gave up because they didn’t believe in themselves. I saw the potential they had but gave up because they couldn’t handle life problems. As a result, they settled for simple lives among the crowds of zombies we see everyday.

That was when I realized i didn’t want to be the same type of person who settled for a normal job from 9-5 and pretty much lived a repetitive lifestyle. Instead, I wanted to live without the worries that society accepts for normal. I don’t want to sit on my couch always thinking, “What if,” nor do I want anyone else to do the same. This is what burns the fuel for my motivation.

But I’m only human and can stay focused for a limited amount of time before feeling burnout. (At least until I find a way to make myself part Android). So what I do to keep on track with my goals is following my own advice plus the advice from those close to me to calm my mind. From there, I reflect on what’s bothering me, and attend to those issues.


5 Simple Steps to master Personal Development:

1. Identify yourself and who you are

2. Determine your end goals

3. Create a strategy to get there

4. Take Action and keep going

5. Turn success into a habit


How to keep going when you want to give up

1. Learn to harness your willpower

I have had plenty of moments where I wanted to slam my head against the desk and give up. (Sometimes I even imagine turning into a bird and flying away carelessly).

But what transform our minds into stronger beings is learning how to transform ourselves into ultimate machines. If we want anything out of life, we have to learn how to face negativity and feel the passion for success pushing us forward. That’s what the Self Development Workshop is all about.

There’s no easy route to true success because it takes strong willpower to reach greatness. Instead of settling for short term victories such as eating cake, watching television, invest your time to continue working hard. This satisfies your desires and happiness for the long term. People are awarded by society after constantly practicing in isolation. If we want something, we must endure and defeat our inner and outer critics.


2. Stop Believing what the public tells you

You’ll always meet someone who’s living an autopilot life, but are willing to try and dictate yours. People are quick to tell you that you can’t do something rather than provide any positive reinforcements.

Overtime, their negative words give birth to false beliefs and perspectives from within us. Stop believing in what anyone tell you, whether it’s good or bad, because we don’t need other people words to define who we are. We should already know who we are based on our accomplishments and goals.


3. Enjoy the process of life

A lack of patience will only destroy your desire for self development. There’s nothing worse than dealing with an impatient habit and not willing to continue because of it.

We can never plant a seed and expect it to grow into a tree within a day. Success takes time and patience for it to be the great empire millions of people will appreciate. Stop rushing to get things done or ways to find the fastest route to success. Focus on living in the moment and enjoy the process of getting where you want to be.

You don’t only read a book’s ending or only watch the end of a movie. Every success has a story to explain it all and your journey is no different. What you want will come to you, all have to do is wait.


4 Easy Mistakes You have to Avoid Making

What breaks a person away from managing their self development journey is not the large mistakes, but the small. Whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or struggling to find happiness, these small mistakes will stop you from overcoming those illnesses. After dealing with a group of people, here are the top mistakes you should avoid doing:


1. Allowing distractions to get in the way

If you’re spending more time on social media or video games, learn how to balance your needs and wants. Side distractions eventually become your main focus because you developed a bad habit of continuously going after those desires. Stay away from whatever drifts your focus away by changing environments, hiding your “toys” and developing your willpower.


2. Neglecting their plans

If you break away from your schedule, you’ll lose track of your rhythm and the will to keep a successful habit. Treat all your schedules like you would an important business meeting and ensure you do everything marked on your calender. People who find mediocre excuses to back away from their schedule find it easier to do it again and again until they eventually drop their schedule altogether. This leads to an unorganized lifestyle where they forget their prioritizes and personal goals.


3. Letting their failures to defeat them

Your failures are not meant to be the reasons you should give up. They’re meant to push your determinations even further, and learn from your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes at something every once in a while. What sets a person towards the path of success is proudly embracing those errors and using them as their greatest weapons. This is what makes a person a better version of themselves.


4. Lacking the motivation to keep going

Motivation will always be a come and go process. Whenever we start anything, it’s often exciting and fun to do. But as we continue working on it, seeing little results at a time, we naturally start losing interest for it. What keeps motivation going is knowing where you want to be and what your end results are. Ignore the negative thoughts of not reaching immediate success and become inspired to see what you’ll become.


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